Cancer & Cancer Marriage & Intimacy Compatibility

Today, we will talk about the compatibility between Cancer and Cancer when they are in a relationship. One can also consult an astrologer with their birth chart to get the marriage compatibility Calculator.


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Cancer & Cancer Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

Cancer can have a blast in a relationship when they are with the right person. Since Cancer is an emotional sign, only another Cancer can explore and understand its deepest core. Hence they both will have a strong emotional bonding which would make their bond the strongest.

However, since Cancer doesn’t have the Mars element, both partners will find it hard to initiate things, and both will kind of wait for each other. This will make them blossom emotionally with each other; however, their sex life would be on a weak side.

The bonding between Cancer and Cancer might seem boring from the outside and by other signs; however, it won’t bother the partners. Their relationship will be flourishing if they both keep each other excited and experiment sometimes.

Even if their relationship seems not so exciting from the outside, no Cancer will settle for a monotonous relationship. They will fight for their emotional life, family, and intimacy. Together they will make the home their heaven.

Cancer & Cancer Trust

When it comes to Cancer, there is absolutely no place for cheating or playing around. Cancer is a grounded sign, far from ego, and hence they don’t keep chasing to find an impossible love story.

Once they have found emotional stability with someone, they don’t care what can be better out there. To them, the grass is greener where you water it and not on the other side. They understand that no one is perfect, and hence they make compromises, adjustments and accept their partner for who they are. This is how they build their little family; when two Cancerians are together, there is no reason not to trust each other.

Cancer & Cancer Communication And Intellect

When Cancer and Cancer are together, they don’t feel the need to be verbal all the time. They can be quiet and still enjoy each other’s company. A Cancer prefers to be silent and at peace as long as everything is fine inside them, and the mornings would be a wonderful time for both of them where they would be enjoying the silence together with a cup of tea or coffee.

However, being silent doesn’t mean they have a weak connection together. It is the opposite because even when they don’t talk, they give undivided attention to their partner that they follow every movement and even grins. They can express their love with just a smile, and that eye contact feels heavenly when they are together. 

Who cares about communication when there is such chemistry established?

Cancer & Cancer Emotions

Emotions won’t be an issue in their relationship because they are the Water signs and the most emotional ones in the zodiac chart. Family, love, and closeness are their necessary requirements, and they are not so much into sensual and sexual things. Hence two Cancers will understand each other’s emotions perfectly.

They are not just emotional but far more than that. To let them share the best they have, they need to share a home or family together with their partner.

Additionally, they should have their birth chart read by an astrologer for more accurate prediction.

Cancer & Cancer Shared Activities

There might be many things to share, especially when the relationship is new. They both would be sharing ideas on things they could do together and from individual routines. However, once the relationship settles down, they might find themselves doing nothing at all and unwilling to try something new due to their passive nature, which would make them spend days lying cozily at home.

Also, since there is a lack of Mars elements, they might feel difficulty with initiating things.

Wrapping Up

Cancer is ruled by Moon, who has their own emotions plus the ones they inherit from their ancestors. Sometimes it might become difficult to settle this genetic inheritance of two Cancerians. However, since Cancer is an emotional and motherly sign full of compassion, they become great partners ideal for marriage, children, and family.

Once they have come across their lack of initializing things, their relationship grasps strength. They should not spend a boring day doing anything; instead, they should keep introducing new things on a daily basis. 

They should surprise each other with things and take each other on trips to keep the monotony at bay. Other than this, they are two great individuals who would understand each other’s emotional states and thus will be very caring.

Check your marriage compatibility with your partner by calling a professional astrologer and having your birth chart read.

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