Luxury Rigid Boxes! 5 Tricks your Competitor Knows, But You Don’t 

Luxury rigid boxes can be built according to the anticipated size, one-of-a-kind design, high-end printing quality, and much more. They exclusively provide the essential security features to preserve the integrity of numerous retail products. They are made from cardboard having higher compressive strength and a high capacity to deal with environmental hazards. You can laminate their lid with some exceptional options to protect against the moisture and humidity effects. The nice-to-print texture allows you to feature desired color schemes, patterns, and graphical portrayals. You can also have a go at high gloss coating, foil stamping, and spot UV to change their tactile appeal drastically. 

Being excessively utilized in product presentation, luxury rigid boxes are popular to create a significant impact on potential clients. They are instrumental in shaping the customers’ perceptions before even using the product. Having them as your product packages does not assure you success. It is required to emphasize the design details of these packages if you are to market yourself effectively. Not everyone has a creative mind to make a packaging design that instantly drives the customers’ attention. But, popular brands are quite familiar with handy design ideas that make luxury rigid packages look one of their kind. Here are the tricks for effective box designing from which you are most probably unaware. 

Thinking beyond the shelf

When looking to design custom rigid boxes, you normally consider the shelf life of products only. But, the major players in the market think from a broader perspective and take into account the after-shelf-life of the boxes. The experience of the customers with products is not limited to just the first preview of them on retail shelves. But, it extends to their interaction with the items during the unboxing moments. So, take inspiration from your competitors and do not just focus on the security aspects only. Remember to customize the packages in a way that they offer a memorable and exemplary unboxing experience. This can be achieved effortlessly with just the printing of some personal messages on the inside. Easy tear-off tips and the addition of some smart closures in the box design can also serve a great deal here. 

Designing for the sensual world

Customers are sensory creatures, but unfortunately, most of the brands satisfy only one of the customers’ senses with packaging. You must also be spending a hefty sum of money on the visual design of custom printed boxes. This is where the competitors take a lead on you. They understand the significance of engagement of all the senses of clients. This is why they are better able to procure the undivided attention of buyers and boost their brand loyalty. Think of the ways how you want the clients to feel when they touch your products. Use some interesting finishes that add a tactile impact and give a true sensory experience. Also, do not forget about the scent and sound of the boxes when they are displaced off the shelves. Work on these details so as to provide a richer sensory experience that makes your products even more memorable. 

Use of high-quality materials

Another unfamiliar trick to you for achieving success with the designing of luxury rigid packages is the use of high-end materials. You may be preferring some ordinary materials for their manufacturing just to save a few pennies. It is pertinent to save yourself money to increase your gross income. But, not at the expense of protection capability or functionality of packages. Take a look around the market and you would see that each successful competitor prioritizes the use of quality materials. It helps them to reduce unnecessary product damages while also improving their overall impression. Learn from them and use quality materials like cardboard, bux board, and E flute corrugated when making the packages. Such a strategy would make your boxes durable, eco-friendly, and printable. 

Keeping it clear and simple

Getting loud with the design of cardboard boxes is way too common nowadays. If you have just ventured into the market, you may get excited about bold designs. But, none of your competitors would tell you that it would actually falter your business. With a plethora of graphics and illustrative patterns, there is always a risk of overpromising. Even if you did not intend to deceive the clients, they will never trust you again. Keeping every visual design element legible with a minimalistic approach is a new trend in the market. So, design your packages trendily and influence the clients in a positive manner. 

Contrasting effects

Finishing is essential to achieve an irresistible aesthetic appeal with your custom rigid boxes. Going with options like spot UV, foil stamping, and gloss UV is common. They do produce a compelling visual impact, but not enough to turn the heads of customers immediately. No competitor would tell you the secret of achieving success with packaging finishing matters. The tip for the high-end and smooth exterior of your packages is to opt for contrasting finishes. For instance, you can use a gloss finish on the lid of boxes while a matte finish on the bottom. This will create a contrasting effect that goes on to create a stand-out impact on the retail shelves. 

If your competitors are giving you a tough time with the luxury rigid boxes, these ideas can prove quite useful for you. All of these tips are derived from extensive research of professionals who are experts at understanding the common behaviors of customers. Use them strategically to beat and outperform your competition to extend your market reach. 

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