Different Types of Golf Bags You’ll Love to Know

A golf bag is a necessity of every golfer. It is one of the most vital parts of the sport. Besides keeping your golf clubs and other accessories secure, they also incorporate with you throughout the game. There are many golf lovers like you who are eager to know about the different types of golf bags that are available in the market. Look no further. We are going to tell you whatever you need to know about the various types of golf bags in this very article.


In a nutshell, there are five kinds of golf bags that you can find in the market. They are:


Now let us delve deep and learn about these bags in detail.


Stand bags are much more lightweight and affordable when compared to the other types of golf bags. They are ideal for toting while you are treading the golf course. In short, a stand bag is a kind of bag that stands on stands. Each stand bag comes with a pair of reversible legs that helps the bag to stand in place. While using the stands, the bag slants to aside.

Stand bags can serve the golfers on any kind of surface, no matter how flat it is. This is the main plus point of these bags. Another great advantage of a stand bag is that it comes with straps that lie on your shoulders so that the weight can be distributed across them. You should pay attention to the legs of a stand bag while you are using a push/pull cart because it might damage them.

Key Features of Stand Bags

  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Affordable
  • It can stand on any flat surface.


Carry Bags are specifically crafted for those golfers who like to tread the course. They are alternatively known as Sunday bags. They are the choice of many golfers due to their deficient weight (around 2 pounds). The build materials used in the making process of these bags are the main reason behind their lightness. Besides, they come with fewer options compared to another kind of golf bags. Other types of golf bags come with 6 to 10 pockets while carry bags come with only a couple of them.

Carry bags provide just a pair of dividers, whereas other kits come with 6-14 dividers. Sometimes you will also find some carry bags that come with some extra pockets to suit your needs. But, usually, these bags are made to carry the most necessary things that you may require on the course.

Key Features of Carrying Bags

  • Inexpensive
  • Assists in burning some calories while you walk with this bag.


There are some golf courses that you just love to play on. They might need you to bring golf carts with you and for specific reasons, obviously. This is when cart bags come to the scene. As you can guess, by reading the name, cart bags are specially made to be lugged on golf carts. These bags are a bit on the heavier side as they are ideally designed for excellent management. Generally, they weigh around 6-7 pounds and are 5-9 inches in diameter, but it can vary. You can bring your golf accessories along with many other personal kinds of stuff inside these bags as their storage capacity is more extensive than stand bags or carry bags. On top of that, you can conveniently access the pockets of the backpack when it is on the cart.

Key Features fo Cart Bags

  • It comes with many pockets.
  • Big storage capacity.
  • Friendly for your golf cart.


Alternatively known as tour bags, staff bags are specially designed for those veteran golfers who tours from time to time to play on different golf courses. It is unlike any bag that we have mentioned in this article. Staff bags are in a whole different class. They are much more heavyweight than other golf bags. Very lavish and spacious they are, build with heavy and top-notch materials. Due to this fact, staff bags will charge you top dollar.

These bags are perfect. But if you do not have a personal caddy to carry your bag, it is going to be very troublesome for you to carry this bag all alone. Because of their heavyweight stats, they are not easy to tote.

Key Features of  Staff Bags

  • Large and generous, ready to carry whatever you need.
  • Lavish and spectacular design that will make you instantly love it.
  • It contains enough pockets to ensure the safety of your accessories.


A golf travel bag with wheels is different from the other kinds of golf bags that are available in the market. They usually serve as a cover of your regular golf bag. The purpose of this bag is to safeguard your accessories and golf bag by keeping them shrouded well and good. These bags comprise of padded tops to guarantee that your clubs, bags, and other golf accessories stay safe. Specially made to assist you while you are traveling, these bags are not any hassle to carry to the course.

Key Features of Travel Bags

  • Made for pro golf players who love to travel.
  • Serves as a cover of an actual golf bag.
  • Hassle-free carrying.
  • It comes with a padded top.

Final Words

You have come to the end of our comprehensive article regarding the different types of golf bags that are available in the market. We hope we have been able to clear at least some of your confusion regarding this topic. Now it is time to make your decision. We advise that you focus on functionality while choosing a golf bag for you. Determine what type of golfer you are. Are you someone who loves to walk?

Do you prefer to keep many extra accessories such as rangefinder, umbrella, or rainwear? Do you want your bag to be aristocratic or straightforward? Ask yourself such questions. Answering them will help you know which bag is best for you.


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