How to cool grow tent

Indoor gardeners need to create a temporary environment that tents reproduce the usual outdoor atmosphere. So, a lot of indoor gardeners searching for how to cool grow tent when the summer knock at the door. But it isn’t a difficult task.

Using a grow tent, you will control the light schedule, humidity, and also even temperature. This advantage also enables you to develop more significant and the best plants. You can control the growing environment completely.

Considering this issue, our topics have selected on sharing a few processes to cool grow tent.

Let’s take a look at how you may cool grow tent and grow big plant even in summer.

How to Cool A Grow Tent?

The majority of the indoor gardeners may face the problem for beating the heat. But surprisingly, this issue can solve with the help of a few ways that are so effective and discussed below.

1. Air Conditioning

During the hot temperature to cool the grow tent air conditioning is essential. Air conditioner can combat the heat from nature and heat that created from light, and other electric machines.

Before picking up an air conditioner for a growing tent of your indoor gardening, you should ensure and target the size of the room and the temperature of the outside. This point makes efficiency affect on the tent.

2. Carbon dioxide

Use carbon dioxide is very efficiency trick and helpful where the average temperature for growing tent that has already exceeded. From primary biology point, all of us know that carbon dioxide is exceptionally significant for planting.

When the level of carbon dioxide increase, the level points of grow tent perform effectively. It’ll maintain the normal function even in the hottest condition.

3.Air-cooled mechanism

An air-cooled mechanism is so pretty easy and simple way. All of the indoor gardeners can use it using an extraction fan that works to pass and removes the warm air. This process helps with growing the tent so fast. Here the users can use aluminium, acoustic or insulated ducting where the insulated will better than aluminium.

However, the air-cooled mechanism process is a glass bottom that makes an air fitted channel. Essential fresh air will release from this channel and works to remove the warm heat.

4.Water-cooled mechanism

Like air-cooled mechanism, water-cooled device works well to eradicate the warm heat from the tent in a hot summer period. The water-cooled tool works surprisingly to reduce the heat just like an air conditioning. If the indoor gardeners try it, they will love it for doing or applying gain and again.

You also love this method to grow the tent. For this you need to use a reservoir with a water pump. B you have to acknowledge the size of the repository that you will be going to use. You can also need to take the water chillers.

5. Well-filling room

A well-filled room will help control the temperature to grow tent. It won’t need for outdoor environment situation. In few cases, lighting will be the primary cause of hazardous heat spikes but not most of the cases it can happen.

This process will need when you go to grow a room under the hot roof. It is a factor that the ground soil contains natural insulation that will essential to cool the grow tent where you should desire to judge insulating the tent.

6. Uphold air circulation

Ensuring the air into the grow tent is essential to remove the hot spot. This will help you to ensure that the plants grow with their healthy stems plus leaves grow stronger way. So, you have to invest in picking grow tent oscillating fans.

If you need, you can bring several fans that work as alternative directions due to getting leaves in a different direction. It works as a natural motion that you will see in the outdoor garden environment.

7. Lighting

We know how fast the enclosed room or place will get hot within a few seconds. So, it would help if you learned having grown light in the grow tent needs unavoidable. In this case, you have to select the right view to increase sufficient heat with air and water-cooled reflection. You should buy a complete led grow tent kits for keep ideal temperature in your grow tent.

8. Set up a light mover

Setting up a light mover to grow tent is significant objects. How? Let’s explain to me. Set up a light mover is a simple and easy way to spread heat equally in the grow tent for avoiding hotspots. It’ll help you to manage light stores better. It’ll reduce the need for extra light plus minimize the heat.

So, cool down, you grow tent merely setting up the light mover that will work as an assistant for circulating the heat into the parts of the room. You can ensure that it won’t work only for a few spots of the room.

9. Led lights

During the hot summer period, you can use mainly LED lights to grow tent, making the perfect temperature environment. But in winter season you have to avoid it because in this period the tent would suffer as the heat in the living room would not suffice.

So, try to use LED light into your indoor garden during the hot season and remove them in winter when the weather becomes cold.

10. Ice bottle

Ice bottom, you may think it is fun. No, it’s not fun but interesting that sometimes Ica bottle can work to grow your tent. Drastically, an ice bottle will help to cool the grow tent.

For example, you placed 2-litre frozen bottle into the nutrient tank and saw the magic how they work to cool down the reservoir. However, this cooling process is an alternative and the last option of our tips and tricks. It doesn’t take an average temperature that will make you so crazy.

Our final opinion

How to cool grow tent? To sum up, it can be analyzed that it is an excellent issue that has to face the indoor gardener even all year, especially in hot summer period. The significance of keeping of the temperature inside the tent with optimal temperature can’t overemphasize. Hopefully, for this reason, you can follow the discussed process.


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