Extendable Table? Have A Look at Designs of Extendable Dining Table Sets for Home

Are you the one who belongs to a joint family and in a small house? Then, there must be a lack of furniture to sit together and have your breakfast. But, a new solution has arrived for such problems. An extendable dining table set that can be unfolded according to the requirements. This is something unique, came out from the usual. Whoever created this, has itself gone through with a small house situation.

Extendable dining tables are the ones that increase their capacity to sit when more people are around to sit together. It can be unfolded, when not in use. The cost is more than the usual tables, but the cost added will be worth it in the future.

If you are the one who does not require more than 4 seater dining table, but on a family get-together, the requirement arises. Then, an extendable dining table set is a must for you. Any situation can require such sets, it all depends on an individual how one manages guests with small spaces. Let us look at some of the designs that are created for different requirements

Requirement creates a style for home- Varieties of extendable dining table sets

An extendable dining table set comes in many sizes and shapes, depending on what one wants for their space. Have a look at the designs available in the market.

1. Folding dining table set for compact spaces

 A folding dining table designs almost meet excellence, due to their shape, functionality, and colour. It adds style to your interior, this reflects your bold personality of yourself. The quality is so amazing that it lasts long, it makes it timeless furniture. Many attractive options are available in foldable dining tables for your choice, search online and you will get various designs at reasonable prices.

A new concept is immersed in India, but in Japan, you will find such sturdy designs which are not new to them. Now, Indians also immersing in such stylish and functional products. The cost is a bit expensive, but that adds value too.

  • Rectangular folding dining table set: It comes in different shapes on demands, such as 2 seaters, which later can be added two seats more by unfolding the plank.

Another is a plank installed on a wall, which later can be unfolded to make sit more people.

2. Extendable dining table set for family dinners

  • A benefit for buying an extendable one is the versatility in seating and arrangement.
  • Many options are available under such variety based on colors, structure, and seating.
  • The material used is Sheesham, mango wood that makes it sturdy and durable.
  • The designs are kept simple because the structure already in itself is unique.
  • The plank shape is mostly rectangular or boat shape, which is popular.
  • The legs of the table can be id different types such as it can have 4 legs or it can have just two legs on which it stands, which makes it stylish with sleek designs.
  •  If you are planning to buy a dining table online, then add such a design to make it more useful for the future too.

Extendable Dining Table Design- Style Statement

A solid wood extendable dining table has a unique design such that it can be placed with every type of decor. It adds a style statement to your space, but it also requires maintenance to make it look clean and beautiful.

The name says it all. Yes an extendable design, extends its space whenever required. That is, if you have any family dinners or any kind of get-together, you can add multiple seating to your dining table too. At, the time of purchase consider some of the points mentioned related to each type. If you are looking to buy a glass top dining table, then consider some points. The table should be large enough that fit your space too. The foldable dining table is the best-suited option, as you can unfold it whenever required, otherwise use it as it is without unfolding.

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