Facebook Ads consultant: how to recognize a real professional

What are the strengths to highlight to get all the credentials from your Facebook insurance Advertising consultant? What do you need to consider to hire an employee or partner with a freelancer? Here you will find a series of useful information.

The Facebook Ads consultant is a key figure to get great results on this social network. Because we know that the organic reach of a company that publishes on Facebook, therefore the visibility that a post published on the Fan Page has, is always lower.

So advertising on Zuckerberg’s social network becomes indispensable. So there is a need for a specialized figure named Facebook Advertiser (or Facebook Ads specialist). Is it worth hiring a person in the company dedicated only to this job?

It depends, if you are the head of a web agency, yes, because in this way you resell the service to your customers. The same goes for large companies, multinationals, or e-commerce businesses that need a continuous presence for ADV campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

But it is not always convenient, in some cases, we think of a different solution: more or less continuous collaboration with freelancers. That is to say a Facebook Ads consultant, a person able to lead the company with clear indications to manage the sponsored ones well. Any more information to find the right Facebook Ads consultant?

  • 1 Who is the Facebook Ads Consultant?
  • 2 What does this HDV professional do?
  • 3 How to Find a Facebook Ads Consultant
  • 4 Have you chosen your Facebook Ads consultant?

Who is the Facebook Ads consultant?

By this name we mean the person who has specialized in the design, management, and optimization of advertising campaigns on Facebook. In some cases, this figure also deals with advertising on Instagram since these realities are increasingly connected.

The role of the Facebook Ads Specialist is central to any web marketing strategy that sees social media as a channel for customer acquisition.

Even in an inbound marketing process funnel.The… there is a need for a professional specialized in advertising on Facebook, the same goes for the B2B.

What does this HDV professional do?

People who do Facebook advertising have to work on different fronts. The consultant, in this case, is the figure who not only deals with campaign management but also with evaluation and, above all, with the conception of a path to follow over time.

Often companies rely on a Facebook consultant to be guided through every step of the customer acquisition process, so the consultant of advertising influencing the people who receive it on FB must be able to have an overview of the entire web marketing strategy. To create a sponsorship business suited to the objectives and the budget

Furthermore, this figure must manage the economic resources in the best possible way, knowing full well that from his ability to intercept the right target The Target is consequently also … – and to work with remarketing – an ROI.

That’s why finding a Facebook Ads consultant that’s right for your needs isn’t easy. But by respecting these points you have more opportunities to intercept the professional suitable for your sponsor.

How to find a Facebook Ads consultant

There are a thousand ways to find a consultant for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. You can follow professionals on social media, search on Google, let your customers or colleagues advise you by word of mouth.

But that’s not the point: the real problem is being able to recognize what can help you in a given challenge.

To find out if a Facebook Ads consultant is right for your needs, you can take a look at the checklist I have prepared for my needs. And that until now has allowed me to always intercept the best Facebook Advertiser for a given campaign.

Portfolio of jobs adapted to the needs

This is the first point I want to highlight: the ideal Facebook Ads consultant for your purposes has a portfolio suited to your needs.

For example, if you run e-commerce you may need a person with experience in this field. Perhaps with competence in international contexts, therefore with a good ability with the copy in the language and a right sensitivity to the uses and customs of a particular country.

Concrete case: a graphic can be funny in one context but offensive in another. This is all about the skills a professional must have to start a job in a context.

Competence with the operational context

People who aim for the job of Facebook Ads consultant must be able to move well in their working universe. This means that there is a need for basic skills on different fronts.

The first is that of content marketing: a good Facebook Ads consultant can recommend the best content for a given campaign. Those who work in this sector know that video always has an extra chance of obtaining good results on this platform (see Hubspot data ) but it is not a unique and obligatory condition.

Videos on Facebook Ads work well.

Many Facebook advertising consultants let themselves be captivated by this perspective but the professional knows how to move and when to proceed with videos, clips, images, photos, and GIFs. He also knows the tools suitable for his business: he is aware of the resources of the Facebook Business Manager and is always updated by studying.

So he can keep the pulse of the situation concerning the tools needed to do his job. Without disdaining everything that allows you to obtain metrics and data such as FB Insight but also Google Analytics. When…

The good Facebook Ads consultant knows perfectly the universe that revolves around the pixel for tracking: he knows how to insert it on the site or e-commerce, modify it and customize it according to needs.

Good knowledge of web marketing

The Facebook Ads consultant must be a web marketing expert. Attention, I do not want to say that it needs the same skills as a specialist in the sector. But he certainly needs to put his Facebook-sponsored work in a broader context.

Which involves various activities of digital marketing Without forgetting the work of blogging and lead generation. In digital marketing we use a …. Let’s take this last aspect as an example: you have a website and a Landing Page (translation: landing page) means a page specially created to convert site visitors into leads (contacts) or customers, often after having … to allow the public to receive an in-depth document – perhaps a case study or an ebook – for free but only after leaving the email.

We are doing a job of lead generation but it is difficult to rely only on the organic traffic generated by the positioning on Google.

Here comes Facebook advertising. And the consultant has to combine the dots in the best possible way to create sponsored ad campaigns that canand updatable. Put simply, it can be said, a database in …. To do this he has to work on the copy, on the visual, and on other aspects that concern another point. Keep reading.

A data-driven approach to Adv

There is no better satisfaction than working with a colleague who understands the value of numbers. Then, for a Facebook Ads consultant, it is a central characteristic: this social media marketing professional must think based on the data.

He abandons self-styled specialists who make decisions net of the figures, the records, the values ​​obtained: a good consultant does not make decisions randomly or just because he has done in a certain way with each client and it has always gone well. But then? How to improve performance?

A professional can set a path that takes its cue from the Deming cycle to record results, interpret data, make decisions and improve campaigns. Then you can start getting what you need with a view to continuous improvement: information that is understandable, not partial, and defined through a universal language.

The Deming cycle aims at continuous improvement.

That is to say that of the numbers that guide you towards an awareness that allows you to activate changes in the copy, in the visual, in the possibility of retargeting or not. Or maybe manage across and upselling process. In short, here is the real web marketing strategy.

No superfluous promises about results

This is an indispensable condition for choosing a Facebook Ads consultant: do not fall into the false illusion of being able to obtain any promised result. I am based on the assumption that miracles do not exist and that advertising on FB, however useful and fundamental to the balance of the general strategy, cannot do everything and solve disastrous situations.

For example, the best advertising on this social network will not solve the drama of an underperforming landing page. Or a product sheet that loads slowly. So, you can’t get it all out of advertising, and you can’t even believe the bombastic promises of a Facebook Ads consultant flying too high with promises.

Have you chosen your Facebook Ads consultant?

It’s not easy, I know. I can imagine the difficulties that a freelancer or business owner faces when choosing the right person to get good results on this social network.

But here I leave you my personal experience and if you need other ideas to find the right Facebook Ads consultant, leave your requests or comments: together we will find a suitable solution


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