Your Guide to 4 Different Logo Types

It can be a challenge to brand a company. Matter of course, regardless of whether the business is brand new or well-established. It is important to grab the attention of people, keep their attention for long enough to create an impact, as well as communicate the right message. If you do it well the brand will be burned into the minds of those who come across it. It will hopefully, eventually be a part of the wider culture zeitgeist as numerous brands in the past have.

What’s so special about that? What is the most striking thing about Golden Arches, the Domino’s Sign as well as the Nike Swoosh or Google’s multi-colored letters? Each uses an entirely different kind of logo and uses it with great impact. Here at R&P Prints, your source for customized t-shirts and other clothing. We’ve seen a variety of amazing logos. That is why we wanted to share some of our knowledge. Below are four different kinds of logos that your business could make use of!

If you’re just beginning to establish your brand, or you’re planning to rebrand the first thing you need to create is an amazing logo. To create an amazing logo you have different online tools available such as logo maker app, logo creator app, logo templates, etc. which are free and easy to use.


A logo mark represents the logo in its most simple shape, without the use of lettering that expresses the name of the business. Think of the Nike Swoosh here and Twitter’s bird. Or the Mercedes star. The symbol represents the name that people associate with the. If you come across any of these symbols in a way, you treat them as a symbol and instantly think of the business name. This kind of logo is typically used by well-established companies who do not need to get their name on the internet however, it could be utilized by any company that has a convincing logo. All you require is a professionally designed visual and you can transfer it to us. We can create custom-designed t-shirts. We can print them in Ottawa and Toronto or Montreal wherever you require us.


The opposite side in the spectrum of logos is the wordmark. A logo, as you might have guessed, is a simple word. In particular, it’s that is the title of the business. Think of Disney, Google and Coca-Cola, and all other companies that depend on their name alone for their brand logo. It’s important to keep in mind that, as you’ll observe by these instances, typeface and font are everything to this type of logo. After all, what could the Disney logo look like without the flourishes that are “D” “D”? It is important to design your logo with a strong and distinctive typeface, perhaps a custom one to get the most out of this kind of logo.


The logo doesn’t differ that in any way from the wordmark apart from the fact that it utilizes abbreviations, initialisms, or acronyms instead of the entire world, which creates the appearance of a simpler, more streamlined impact. Consider IBM when they could have used “International Business Machines” in their logo, it would have been too overcrowded, and too big of an acronym to say. When designing a lettermark just like any logo, you must make use of software that can create the ability to create vector images (like Adobe Illustrator) which lets you scale the image without sacrificing quality. This is essential for high-quality, custom-designed sweaters with an easy-to-read logo.

Combination Mark

Combination marks incorporate both text and logos for a much more complex appearance and often has a clever interplay between these two components. Take for instance Adidas the iconic three stripes that sit on top of the lowercase without a serif rendition of the company’s name as well as Taco Bell, which features an actual bell that is atop the company’s name. Logos that combine are ideal for firms who want to get their brand known since they draw the attention of viewers with a pleasing image and draw focus to the name of the business.


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