Health benefits of using air pollution masks regularly?

The air you inhale consists of various airborne particles. Industrial processes and vehicle emissions are the prime sources of these pollutants. Primarily, the contaminants include smoke, soot, chemical vapor, gases, and residue. As a health-conscious individual, you would be looking for the best pollution mask to combat pollution.

However, it would be wrong to assume that wearing an anti-pollution mask would protect you from every possible harmful element. The standard pollution masks may not work against cigarette smoke, nitrogen dioxide that comes along with vehicle exhaust, and other contaminants.

If you are planning to purchase an air pollution mask, you need to choose the right one. Different masks are manufactured to serve in separate environments. With a branded mask from one of the reputed portals, you can minimize your exposure to pollution.

Health benefits of wearing anti-pollution masks

The prime purpose of masks is to remove the harmful particles present in the air from getting into the respiratory system. In this context, you should note that the tightness of masks happens to be a crucial element.

The fit of anti-pollution masks largely depends on the shape of the face of the wearer. Besides, the hair present on the face offers a good seal. However, if you have a tight seal, you might experience breathing problems. In this case, you may wear the air pollution mask only when necessary.

According to research, when you expose your respiratory system to air pollution, your heart and lungs suffer adversely. As per the latest statistics, around 4.6 million people die each year due to outdoor air pollution. These figures are enough to demonstrate the importance of anti-pollution masks.

Particularly, wearing N95 facemasks can be beneficial while combating air pollution. People wearing facemasks often experience lower blood pressure than the ones who wear them. Exposure to pollutants for prolonged periods of time can also lead to heart diseases.

Wearing N95 facemasks enhances the oxygen delivery and blood flow to the heart, as compared to other cheaper variants. In case you are searching for the best pollution mask online, it is recommended to go for N95 masks.

Various studies suggest that the heart and blood vessels remain in proper conditions when you wear a face mask. Besides, you would not experience the effects of short-term exposure to air pollution in urban areas.

Are anti-pollution masks effective enough? 

The local cheap masks may be effective in sieving out fine particles present in an ambient urban atmosphere. However, they cannot protect the wearer from the exhaust emissions of vehicles. Therefore, you need to go for a branded N95 mask to stay safe from pollution in the city.

The efficiency of anti-pollution masks depends on various factors:

  • Whether or not they come with valves
  • Using filters
  • The quality of filters
  • The fit of the mask on the face of the wearer
  • Leaks between the face and the mask
  • Leaks between the mask and the filters

On the other hand, masks made of cloth are only partially effective. It would be wise to purchase a branded N95 mask from one of the reputed portals.

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