What’s the Difference Between Blanched Peanuts or Unblanched Peanuts?

Peanuts are crunchy legumes that are both tasty and nutritious. Peanuts contain a considerable amount of calories and fat. They offer several other health benefits. Peanuts belong to the legume family, which includes beans and peas. Peanuts mostly have thin reddish-brown skin. This skin was removed to get blanched peanuts. Whereas, peanuts with this skin are known as unblanched peanuts. The removal of skin requires a lot of effort as it is not a very easy process, However, industries have found out easier and quick ways of blanching the peanuts. The skin is loosened for quick removal. Both unblanched and blanched peanuts in India are used widely for many purposes. In this article, we will explore more differences and uses of both blanched and unblanched peanuts. 

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Uses and benefits of unblanched peanuts

Unblanched peanuts are used for specific purposes. They are used to make certain types of foods, like unblanched peanut butter. The papery reddish skin that surrounds every peanut contains many health benefits. Therefore, many peanut butter makers use unblanched peanuts. The skin of the peanut is rich in antioxidants and is pretty nutritious. Sometimes, peanuts are blanched only to get rid of the skin. By doing this, the nutritional value of the peanuts is reduced. Unblanched peanuts are used as a snack too, and they are used to add more crunch to various food items. Unblanched peanuts add a special hint of flavor to the dishes. People might also prefer to roast the peanuts with skin to make a nice snack. Peanut suppliers these days supply unblanched and blanched peanuts in India so that the consumers can select as per their preference and needs. 

Uses and benefits of blanched peanuts

Blanched peanuts are the ones without the peanut skin. Mostly blanched peanuts in India are preferred because they are considered to have a little better taste and texture than unblanched peanuts. They are used for making peanut butter, cakes, cookies, and a lot more. Most importantly, blanched peanuts are enjoyed as a popular snack too. The smooth and clean peanuts can be roasted too. Many sauces are also made using blanched peanuts in India.  

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Blanched peanuts are available extensively across the world. As many companies have the machinery and process to remove the skin of the peanuts easily, without affecting the peanuts. Peanuts offer many health benefits because they contain a good amount of proteins too. Many people like to have peanuts to fulfill their protein requirements. Nowadays, there are so many interesting and healthy snacks that are made using blanched peanuts in India, like health bars, etc. 

Peanuts are good for a healthy heart

Several reports suggest that peanuts are good for the heart. By eating a regulated quantity of peanuts regularly, the chances of suffering from heart diseases are lessened. Peanuts have the nutrients that are significant for a healthy heart, like magnesium, antioxidants, and more.

Peanuts may help in weight loss

It is suggested to have peanuts in the right quantity if you want peanuts to help you in your weight loss process. Because they contain proteins, therefore, they are good for muscles and they also keep you full for a relatively long period. Mostly, peanuts are way better than any packed food. To satisfy hunger, peanuts could be a good option as compared to many other snacks. Many companies offer blanched peanuts in India in different flavors as well. Flavorful peanuts might turn out to be a tastier snack for you.

Both unblanched and blanched peanuts have their uses and benefits. Peanut lovers can buy any one type or both depending upon their choice and requirements. 

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