How does sugar affect oral health? What are the preventive measures?

Smile Zone Dental Specialty Center: Since our childhood, we have all heard our parents saying that excess sugar consumption can affect the teeth. Have you been told the same? But, you neglected it! Have you? No doubt, our parents have done the same thing and in their adulthood, they suffered the consequences. So, to protect yourself from adverse situations, you must visit the best dentist in Whitefield.

Does sugar consumption lead to tooth decay?

Bear in mind, if you avoid sugar consumption it does not help to avoid a stomach ache. But, If you don’t avoid sugar intake, then it will lead to tooth decay. I am not saying that it’s about completely cutting sugar intake, but you need to consume it in limited quantities.

Consult the best dentist: Take care of your oral health

You need to make sure that you visit the dentist on time and get yourself the treatment to avoid cavities. Be careful about the intake of candy, donuts, and soda. Making the right kind of diet choices will help you. If you are facing the problem of tooth decay, then you need to consult the best dentist, get the best solution for tooth decay, and talk about preventive measures.

Sugar and tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs when the sugar present in the food gets mixed with bacteria and starts affecting the tooth enamel. If that happens then it can lead to further damage like cavities and tooth loss.

The prevalence rate of tooth decay is more common in people who do not brush their teeth regularly, floss regularly, or their dental hygiene routine is not right.

What are the preventive measures for tooth decay?

Well! Here it is important to understand that you do not only need to limit the consumption of sugar in your diet. As there are other things that you need to be mindful about like intake of soda, candy, and cookies. Cut back the consumption of drinks with a lot of soda and juice as the bacteria will sit in the mouth for longer. It’s better that you:

  • Choose the candy which is easy to swallow rather than which takes time to chew.
  • Increase the intake of water in your diet to rinse the sugar from the mouth
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to protect your teeth against the tooth decay

Be mindful that you have visited the dentist earlier for cavities then you need to consult the dentist regularly. When you visit the dentist on time it will help to point out the problem on time.

Schedule your dentist time

Indeed! Following oral care, routine is the best way to deal with tooth cavities, tooth decay, or any kind of tooth problem. The doctor will even guide you on what further steps you have to take to take care of your oral health. Just make sure that you visit the dentist at the scheduled time and follow what he says. In case, you have missed your last dental appointment, they should visit for the appointment at the earliest.

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