How does the air conditioner affect your plants?

No doubt it feels absolutely relieving to return to your cool and air-conditioned room after having a long day out in the sun. Everyone feels relaxed while experiencing the relieving impact of the air conditioners that are there in our living room or our bedroom. While you enjoy the cool respite that you get from the air conditioner in your room. The plants you have placed in your house do not really enjoy the impact of the air conditioner. The cool air that seems to be a boon for humans can turn into a bane for the tiny plants which go through lots of damage because of the cold weather. If you love to buy indoor plants online and adorn your house with the charm of the indoor plants, you must get to know about the impact of the air conditioner on the tiny plants in your house. 


Stacking or bending plant

If you notice your plants looking awkward in their position, then you must pay attention to them because unusual bending or stacking of plants can be a sign of the destructive impact of the air conditioner on them. No doubt you can bring a plant in your house, and it can grow well despite the absence of sunlight or lack of it, but exposure to the air conditioner may result in the plant health being poorly affected. 

Dried up plant

Another impact of the air conditioner on plants would be the unusual drying up of the plants and consequent death of the plants because of the excessive cold that it is receiving due to the air conditioner. So the moment you start observing your plants being dried up, you shall pay attention to it lest you might lose your green friend. 

Absence of blossoms

Even if the plant seems alright in its appearance, it might become infertile and stop giving out Blossoms, thereby robbing the plant of its beauty. Besides that, it can gradually start affecting the plant more adversely. So you must pay attention to the flowering season of the plant. 

Rapid fall of leaves from the plant

Another alarming phenomenon to be observed in your plant could be to observe the pace of The Fall of leaves. No doubt all plants go through a seasonal fall, but if your plant starts becoming Barren all of a sudden or at odd times of the year, then you must consider changing its location. 

Change of the colour of the leaves

Being a plant lover, you would definitely know that plant care is no Rocket Science. Simple observations of the plant can help you a lot in regards to their care. You can observe the leaves of the plant, and if you see any unusual change in its colour, such as the Browning of the tips of the leaves or them being yellow, then you shall consider Consulting someone once. 


Finding a new home for the plants

No, we’re not asking you to get a new house for your plants. It’s just that you should consider changing the location of the plant. Instead of placing them inside your living room or bedroom along with the AC, you can shift to some other room, or you can place them on the balcony as well. 

Make the environment more humid.

Not only for the sake of allure, but you can also get plants for making your house more comfortable for you. You may buy air purifier plants online and bring them to your house for experience clean air. Besides that, you can place the plants in a corner that has enough humidity. Most of the plants need humidity for their growth. So you can also shift your plants to your bathroom. 

Know about plant diseases

No doubt, you can observe your plant’s health by looking at the plant, but not every change in your plants would be subject to harm. Therefore, you must know your plants well and know about the plant diseases, their reasons and their cure. So that even if the air from the AC poses a threat to your plants, you know how to restore the plant health. 

Get a source of light.

Well, this one would be a no-brainer because we all know that plants love light. So instead of placing them in a room or a dark corner and exposing them to the harmful effects of AC, you shall search for a corner that receives sunlight.

Remember to look after your plants well and nourish them into lovely creatures. 

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