Things To Do When You Are Suffering From Corona

Whether at this time, when people get the effect with covid then they do not know what to do. Whether some are busing in that, to find out how they got affected with covid. Whether you may see many people, who are affected by covid but moves outside the house. Whether you ask why you are moving outside the house, whether you are affected by covid. Then maybe they say to you, whether in covid I should not move outside the house. Because they do not know what to do when they are affected by covid. Whether not this, but more stupid than this answer also you can get. Whether not only from that type of illiterate people but, from that person also who is literate and doing a good job. You may have had that thought, whether they are also illiterate. But whether you or we do not do anything, whether in case of their answer. What we do is only tell them about the things, which they can do when they have covid. Which is not only good for them but the other people too.

Stay at home 

Whether you have covid, then as much as possible for you. You can try to stay in the home, and you may ask if the person has covid then why that person moved outside the home. Then maybe that person has nobody around him or her, whether that can help him or her. Whether in that situation, they may have to go out to take that necessary thing for him or her. Which not only helps him or her to recover from covid, whether things like medicine. But the necessary things like food and other grocery time as well. But nowadays you can have this thing as well, whether by getting from online. You can order all the things, whether directly from online or as you buy rakhi online. Just like that, you can buy the things as well, which is very necessary for you. Whether by taking help of this thing, you can stay at home for a long time. Whether with having all the things, which you need in your life. So this thing you can do when you are having covid at that time. 

Before leaving isolation 

Whether you are thinking of leaving the isolation, whether before that you can take advice from people. Whether as you are in isolation, whether that means you are taking medicine with the help of a doctor. So you should talk with that doctor, who is treating you. Whether before leaving the isolation. Before leaving the isolation, you can do one more thing. Whether you can do your covid test, so it benefits you very much. As you covid positive, people do not get attached or close with you easily. Whether you become covid negative, whether after that as well. They think that you are a covid positive person. So if you have a test report, which proves that you are covid negative. Then that you can show to all the people who think that you are positive. So this you can do when you have covid. 

Limited contact 

Whether you have covid and you are staying at home. Then what you can do, you can try to be in limited contact with a limited number of people. If it is possible for you, then don’t connect with more than one person, if possible then with that person as well. Whether you get connected with a person, because of the food which that person gives to you. So what you can do, you can order food online, which you can get online gift delivery. So the finds come out from the outer places, so you do not need to get in contact with them. So this thing you can do as well when you have covid. 

Clean home 

Whether when you have covid or covid patient in your home, then what you need to do is. You need to clean the home every day. Whether it is possible for you, then two to three times in a day. Whether you do that thing, then the virus of the covid has in your home. Then everything gets clean and your home becomes safe. So this you can do when you have covid. 

I will tell you very few things, which you can do when you have covid. But many things are left, whether you can try to find out about those things if you want. If you do not want to, then you can do this thing which you read.

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