How to Cut Tall Grass with a Riding Mower

The tall grass is not good for the environment. It may compromise the safety and neatness of the environment near you. This is a true phenomenon especially if the grass is in the compound. In such a case, you have to cut the grass, or at least trim it down. What do you use to cut this type of grass? Well, there are several items that you can use. This article is going to concentrate on cutting tall grass using a riding mower. To get more information, please go through the article.

Can riding lawn mower for hilly terrain cut tall grass?

Yes, this mower can cut the tall grass on hilly terrain. It is, however, advisable that you mow up and down, that is going up the hill and down. Do not mow sideways as well. You will have to adjust the blade to a maximum height so that you start to mow from the top. The blade should then be lowered progressively as the height of the grass go down as well. As usual, do not cut the grass when it is wet. I would advise you to go slow on a sloppy terrain, more so when the grass is tall.

Does the long grass have importance?

Yes. It is not always bad to have long grass in the compound. It plays an important role in providing the shade for the soil hence keeping it cool for some time. Such grass also prevents the evaporation of water from the soil. The shade that is provided by the long grass helps in suppressing the weeds from germinating. If you cut the grass to be too short, then it will increase the opportunity for weed to grow. There will be a possibility of disease infestation may also arise out of cutting the lawn too short.

What is the importance of cutting the grass?

Apart from the positive aspects of keeping the grass long, there are also positive attributes of cutting it. You stand to gain the following from cutting the long grass.

  • It helps keep the lawn clean, neat and healthy. This is because the pests which are found in the grass are eliminated.
  • The lawn will be left exposed. This will make it easy for you to pick the debris and other dirt that accumulate over time.
  • The compound will look more organized and presentable all the time.

Which is better between keeping the grass either too long or too short?

They say that too much of something is poison. Long grass is not always good to keep. On the other hand, it is not advisable to mow the grass until a bare ground is exposed. You should cut the grass to no more than one-third of the total length of the grass. This is the recommended size by the experts. The grass will always grow, hence you should be on hand to trim it to the required height. If the grass becomes too long, then it will become difficult to mow as well. When the blade of the grass and that of the lawnmower meet, the work will not appear perfect. This is because the blade of tall grass will tend to tear up rather than being sliced. It is always important to keep the grass shorter so that you can also lessen the work of mowing in the future.

Is it good to cut the grass when they are wet?

Well, you can cut the grass under any circumstance. However, when you cut it when wet, it will tend to make your work to be complicated. When you mow, you will have a lot of large clippings being produced. Wet clippings tend to clump together hence blocking the mower’s deck. It may result in damaging the mower. You should at least wait until the water in the grass has evaporated before mowing it. During sunny days, the grass will lose water fast, hence providing a perfect opportunity for you to mow.

I would advise you to mow your grass when it is dry. You should do less of it during the rainy season or even in the morning.

How do I cut tall grass with a riding mower?

Or How can I cut with a riding lawn mower for hilly terrain?

A riding mower makes the work easier as compared to other types of mowers. The following are the procedures to follow when mowing using this type of mower.

Wait for the grass to dry.

As explained above, it is not always a good idea to mow when the grass is wet. It may cause damages to the riding mower. This may, in turn, out to be costly. It does not matter the height of the grass, but as long as it is wet, then it is not a viable thing to do.

Clear the lawn.

This should be done in advance. There could have been some debris that has accumulated within the grass. You will need to remove these elements before you deploy the mower. Such debris could include things such as sticks and rocks. These items definitely will be hard for the mower blade. They may end up breaking the blade.

Raise the level of the blade.

The bottom of the grass might appear to be hard for the blade of the mower. You should, therefore, set the blade to the highest point. As the grass becomes shorter, you will also need to continuously lower the blade level. I would advise you to do the exercise gently when you will be cutting the hard parts.

Deploy a grass catcher.

If you are planning to more your grass more than once, then you should attach this accessory to the mower. This accessory is useful in protecting the blades of the mower from being clogged. If the blades get clogged, the efficiency of the mower will be greatly reduced. In the absence of the catcher, you should manually remove the grass from the blade at regular intervals.

Maintain your mower.

Cutting long grass is not always a walk in the park. Your riding mower needs periodic maintenance for it to be effective in mowing. The most important thing is to sharpen its blades. Sharp blades will act fast and decisively on the tall as well on the hard grass.

You should also oil the rotating parts of the mower. This should be done at least once in a month or when the need arises. In this way, the blades will be able to spin at maximum speed. The mower will then be able to remove even the tallest grass.


It is important to keep the level grass in your compound at manageable levels. Do not let them stick too high. It is not so healthy. The tall grass is a good breeding ground for pests. You need a good mower to keep your lawn trimmed well. Do not forget to carry regular maintenance on your mower. Mow the grass regularly, but avoid cutting it when wet.


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