How to design custom makeup boxes

There are two common ways to proceed with cosmetic packaging design.

  • DIY

Of course, the first option is to do things yourself. You may want to design something to keep your budget low, but it is usually not recommended unless you are a designer. The design of your cosmetic packaging is essential for the success of your business.

  • Hire a designer

The second choice is to hire a designer to manage the design process. There are two good ways. First, you can hire a freelancer or ask for people to submit samples and then compare. If you tend to work directly with a freelancer, you should find someone with experience in product packaging design (primarily if you’ve worked in the cosmetics industry). 

If you want to hire a designer to manage the design process, you can ask for CVs and put up ads regarding the post.

How to Start designing?

With the designer on board, you can start designing immediately. Once you’ve reviewed your branding design with the designer and told exactly what you look for, ask them to create a sample of the custom makeup box of that design. This makes a concrete package that you can see before you complete your plan for your makeup packaging. After creating a sample of your plan, evaluate it to see if the makeup packaging boxes fit your products. When considering your sample makeup boxes, ask yourself the following questions; 

  • Will this get the attention of my ideal customer? 
  • Can I see what this product is from the packaging?
  • Does the package look accessible/easy to use? 
  • Does it stand out from competing packages? 
  • Is this design as relevant as it is today, five years from now? 

Set your brand design standards

The very first thing to do is to set the design elements you will need to design your cosmetic packaging.


The primary thing to consider is the mood and personality you want to incorporate into your packaging. Ask yourself if you are aiming for a minimalist atmosphere in your design or do you want to exaggerate and stylize more. Once you know which style you will have for the makeup box, you can guide the rest of your design and make sure you make cosmetic packaging decisions that match your overall design goals. Determining the style also helps identify additional design elements that need to be considered. You may also need some illustrations to guide you through the design process. It is recommended to use nature photography for your packaging. The important thing is that when you know what style you are aiming for, you see the design elements needed to put that style into the package.


When choosing a color, select a color that matches your brand’s personality, a color that catches customers’ attention, and a color that stands out from your competitors. This last point is critical in a highly competitive world of beauty and cosmetics. Consider choosing a branded color palette, just as you would when putting together a must-have eyeshadow palette for this season. You should stay true to your brand and, at the same time, stand out from your competitors. 

For example, pink is a trendy color in the world of beauty and cosmetics. It’s fun, it’s feminine, and it’s the color that’s ubiquitous in every gorgeous makeup we put on our faces. However, if you choose pink as the packaging color, it cannot be easy to get the customer’s attention, as all cosmetic store shelves are already in the pink sea. 

The most famous beauty and cosmetics brands are building their brands using color. When you think of purple, you think of the decline of the city. Intense black and white is part of Makeup packaging. If you want the brand to be just as successful, you need to do the same, not just jump off the shelves but quickly find a brand color palette synonymous with the brand.


Next is the font. When customers scan the shelves, they need to choose something unique, branded, and readily recognizable as with the colors. Fonts need to be clear and readable, even in small, compact custom makeup boxes.

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