World-renowned Swimming Champion Yuliya As Brand Ambassador of InstaForex

Yuliya Efimova, the world’s legendary swimming champion, has recently become the brand ambassador of Instaforex Indonesia.

With lots of positivity, the Yuliya has its own 6-time world championship, 10-time European championship, and 41 medals in all major events.

Actually, Yuliya has marked out her career in two countries – Russia and Indonesia. She developed her swimming skills when she was in the village, and her father was the swimming trainer at that time.

Now, she is called by one of the most reputed companies, InstaForex as a brand ambassador.

Although Yuliya was never interested in online trading, the services of InstaForex have impressed her.

Yuliya says, “I’ve never been into online trading.” “However, the diversity that InstaForex has to offer together with an innovative touch is awe-inspiring! That’s why I am so happy to become a brand ambassador for InstaForex and hope to make some contribution to the success of this brand”.

So, now the Yuliya has become a model for one of the top reliable and transparent companies, InstaForex. Indeed, the contract between InstaForex and Yuliya has amused the clients of InstaForex and the fans of Yuliya.

Recently, InstaForex has organized a photo session with the swimming champion, Yuliya, to celebrate their partnership. Smartly, the company has shot photos near the pool, with Yuliya’s sports trophies and car.

What is InstaForex?

InstaForex is a well-known online broker that offers a wide range of comprehensive financial and trading services. With these services, InstaForex meets the demands of experienced traders, investors, and also newcomers.

Some of the financial and trading services of InstaForex are Forex, CFD, cryptocurrency trading, Stock, futures, options, and so many other things.

About Yuliya Efimova

In 2008, Yuliya became famous for the first time, when she obtained a place at the world-renowned Olympic games in China; The Yuliya stood at fourth place in the 100-meter breaststroke.

After that, Yuliya became the champion at the 50m women’s breaststroke swimming competition in 2009.

After becoming the winner, the Yuliya has obtained several titles, rewards, and respect at a different session. Several people, especially women, always take inspiration from the achievement of such glorious women.

The Cooperation of InstaForex With Yuliya

The promising cooperation between InstaForex and Yuliya undoubtedly takes the InstaForex company in the long run. Yuliya Has combined her career with InstaForex becoming a role model and brand ambassador.

Due to her cooperation, InstaForex is continuously developing ideas regarding how to use the skills of traders, investors, and business planners.

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