How to find a summer job?

With the arrival of summer, it becomes important for many to raise some money and perhaps finance a nice holiday with friends.

We all found ourselves in this situation, especially when we were young when it was important for everyone on holiday from school to go to the beach and use their free time in a constructive and productive way.

There are so many opportunities to make some money and therefore you don’t have to get lazy and look for ideas to monetize your time and earn that money that can allow you to achieve your goals.

But let’s see what are the opportunities to find a summer job.

In this article

  • # 1 – Start with family and friends
  • # 2 – Look for Summer Jobs
  • # 3 – Also check out the 4 Season Chores
  • # 4 – Why don’t you start making money online?
  • Conclusions

# 1 – Start with family and friends

To find work you can start by spreading the word among friends, acquaintances. 

You need to display the sign and show outside that you are looking for a job.

Do you know how many people need housework, a babysitter, someone to mow the grass, empty a cellar, paint the house, run a variety of errands? Why not ask yourself? Make a proposal and you will solve a problem for him.

# 2 – Look for Summer Jobs

There are a number of purely summer jobs.

Think of the lifeguard in the pool, a series of clubs that open only in summer to all jobs related to tourism and entertainment. All these jobs are for you. Moreover, they are usually well paid, even if there are no savings and the effort required is maximum.

A classic, at least on my part, is the harvest, but for those who live by the sea or in tourist resorts, the possibilities are obviously multiplied.

# 3 – Also check out the 4 Season Chores

Then there are a series of jobs that are not summer, but for which in the summer staff is sought to replace those who go on vacation.

Think supermarkets, deliverers, call centers, receptionists, janitors, and cleaning companies.

To find them here too, go by word of mouth, but don’t miss a few visits to the premises in the area where you live and consult the job advertisements, offers of temporary companies and personnel selection in general.

# 4 – Why don’t you start making money online?

If the answer is because I’m not capable, I would advise you to read some articles I’ve written about it and don’t give up if you don’t find your way right away.

If the Internet fascinates you, you can start reading how to make money with Youtube, eBay, AliExpress‚Ķ and experiment.

Of course, this road is a little longer, but it will allow you to learn a job that you can carry on throughout your life.


I hear a lot of people complaining, but if you want to work and are willing to accept the conditions of those who offer work, you are spoiled for choice to start working and find a job to occupy the days, but above all to finance. your dream vaca

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