How to make money with cryptocurrencies?

I started interested in cryptocurrencies 4 years ago and I didn’t get rich but …I still remember in 2013 when there was one of the first Bitcoin booms.

It hit $ 1,000, but it quickly dropped to less than half.

I enthusiastically created an amateur site to talk about cryptocurrencies and started accumulating them most easily and least profitably there is.

I started visiting those sites that offer remuneration just to display advertisements and do small jobs.

By working hard, I made about 20 Euros in four months.

Do you know what those 20 Euros are worth ???

210 Euros.

It is not so much in absolute value, but my capital has grown more than 10 times since then !!

I don’t know of many other (legal) possibilities of earning so much money in 4 years.

My problem, as always, was that of not having ready capital available.

Especially to throw in such a high-risk investment.

But I would have done it because today as then I had sensed that these cryptocurrencies (at least some) are here to stay.

This is because they bring real value to the economy and are potentially destabilizing for entire sectors.

If anyone wants, they could change the games!

Imagine being able to instantly transfer money anywhere in the world without the need for a bank and with very low transition costs.

If you add anonymity …

Here is the Bitcoin explosion!

But not only that, today we talk about Dogecoin, Ethereum, Neo,….

The prices of these currencies also had record increases:

  • Ethereum + 85,000%
  • Monero + 12,000%
  • Nexus + 66,000%
  • Verge + 57,000%

These currencies first established themselves on the dark web, but today they are increasingly popular.

Spending them has become much easier and will only improve in the future.

The financial industry is working on this technology and entities that integrate normal payment circuits and Bitcoins are emerging.

There are even those who bet on the fact that Amazon on October 26 will announce that it wants to start accepting Bitcoin.

Surely the various e-commerce is working on it and sooner or later they will.

This will mean that Bitcoin will reach a much wider audience than it is today.

And here I wanted to arrive.

Today everyone is talking about it.

My father thinks I’m a fool, but he knows them.

My colleagues don’t know what they are, but they know their names.

My company, hit by a hacker attack, paid a ransom in bitcoin …

I expect a nice insert in the Sole 24 Ore or Espresso with ample space on the Dark Web.

But the truth is that the big funds have already invested and even a new cryptocurrency has been born: Ethereum supported by Banks and IT and financial companies …

So the bubble is ready, only the latest boom is missing with the investment of further funds, the emergence of financial derivative instruments, and the investment of the indistinct public.

If it were true that Amazon will start accepting Bitcoin, this time could be very close.

Otherwise, in any case, we are not very far away and 2018 could be the year of their massive spread with price growth, some sudden crashes, and perhaps even the explosion of a bubble.

This movement involves the possibility of large gains, but also many risks for those who want to be only speculators.

Someone will find themselves buying at the peak, which to date we do not know where it is.

In this article

  • How to get started with cryptocurrencies?
  • Buy Crypto coins
  • Alternatives to purchase
  • Conclusions

How to get started with cryptocurrencies?

Many ask me how to get rich with cryptocurrencies.

I think that first of all it is necessary to understand what they are and start operating to eventually find earning opportunities.

Warren Buffet says he only invests in what he understands and knows.

So the first step is to understand what they are and the philosophy behind them.

You will be able to read a lot of more or less accurate material online.

I document myself by reading the contents of the official Forum.

The community is very well attended and willing to welcome new users.

Among other things, there is a section of the forum in Italian, if you prefer.

Here you will be able to understand if and what are the applications of these currencies and if there are real spaces for growth that justify a constant value and growth over time.

You will also be able to find new currencies that are destined to grow or have sudden spikes.

Buy Crypto coins

Once you understand what it is, you can make your first investments and maybe buy some currency.

First, you will have to open a wallet to accumulate money.

I have an account on, which opened in 2013.

On Bitcointalk you can find other recommended addresses.

Once opened, you can buy on these same Bitcoin wallets at market prices, by credit card.

Alternatively, always on the forums, you will find people willing to sell you Bitcoins by charging postpay cards or similar.

I also bought some Ethereum on Blockchain.

Very easy.

On other exchanges, as the sites that sell cryptocurrencies are called, you will be able to buy other currencies.

Alternatives to purchase

As an alternative to buying, if like me you have no money, you can click on more or less serious sites that pay to see advertisements.

To experience the thrill and accumulate the first Satoshi you can try Btc Clicks.

It is by no means a profitable business, but you never know that the value of Bitcoin will grow exponentially.

In this case, even a few crumbs will help the cause …

Similar sites exist for Ethereum and other currencies as well. Try EthereumClix for example

Please, do not be fooled by the thousands of sites that promise to make your money, perhaps by doubling your BTC, because they are scams.

Of course, there would also be other ways such as mining currency or trading goods or services, but we’ll talk about them in new, more in-depth articles.


As I am writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is going down, even quite vigorously.

It seems due to a decision by the Chinese government that seeks to regulate some aspects related to the initial financing of cryptocurrencies. These are ICOs (Initial Coin Offering).

Therefore, given that cryptocurrencies are a very high-risk investment, I also think that their advance is unstoppable.

This is truly an epochal turning point in transactions and exchanges.

This is why it is important to start understanding this phenomenon and positioning yourself on the market.

It does not matter how much Bitcoin or Dogecoin you will buy, also because you could lose a lot of money, but it is important to deepen and understand the phenomenon.

We must, you must inform yourself and understand if we can earn something.

I am studying and if I find some important opportunity I will involve you.

I ask you to do the same and do it now so as not to miss precious opportunities.

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