How to Make Vape Wax Liquidizer At Home in 3 Easy Steps

Wax Liquidizer

If you’re like most vapers you’ve probably tried using a vape wick at some point. Vape wicks are a great way to vape oils and concentrates, but they can be a bit tricky to use. Luckily, there’s a much easier way to vape oils and concentrates. All you need to do is make your own vape liquidizer! Once you learn how to make vape wax liquidizer at home, you’ll never want to go back to buying it from the store again. Here’s how to make vape wax liquidizer at home in 3 simple steps.

Turn up your heating element

The first step to making your own vape wax liquidizer is to turn up your heating element. This will cause the water in the vape cartridge to boil and turn into vapor. Many new vapers don’t realize that the heating element is actually part of the atomizer. To make sure it gets hot enough to vaporize your concentrates, you should turn it up as high as it will go. If you’re using an advanced vaporizer like the Crafty, you can actually change the temperature to 410°F (210°C).

Microwave cartridge

Now that your heating element is heating up your vape pen, you’ll need to heat up the vape cartridge itself. You can do this by placing it in your microwave for 10-30 seconds. Be careful not to overheat it or you might damage your cartridge.

This process will cause your concentrate to heat and turn into vapor, but your vape pen will still need to be vaped briefly to get the full effect.

Add your concentrate

Now that your vape wick and concentrate are heated up, you’re ready to add the final ingredient. Add .5 grams of concentrate to the vape cartridge and then place the cartridge back in your vaporizer.

If you’re using a dry herb vaporizer, you can add ground herbs instead of concentrates.

Stir until everything is mixed together

These three ingredients should be mixed together until everything is evenly combined. You can do this by gently stirring the vape wick, cartridge, and concentrate together with a needle. Be careful not to mix them too much or you’ll end up with a weaker vape. If you’re using a glass or ceramic concentrate pen, you can simply stir the concentrate with a heat resistant mat or piece of wood.

Voila! You’ve got vape wax liquidizer

Once everything is mixed together, it’s time to vape! Use your vape pen like normal and inhale the vapor. You can also drip the concentrate directly onto a burning firework or cigarette. Be careful not to burn your fingers!

Tips for making vape wax liquidizer

It’s important to use high quality materials when making your homemade vape wax liquidizer. The heating element, cartridge, and concentrate all need to be top quality in order for this to work. If you don’t use the proper materials, your mix will be weak and unlikely to turn into vapor.

Also, when you’re first starting out you might want to start with lower dosages. This way you can see how strong the vapor is and decide if you want to go higher.

When adding your concentrate, be sure to stir until everything is evenly combined. Over stirring can cause your mix to be weak and ineffective.

Final Words

Making your own vape wax liquidizer has never been easier! All you have to do is turn up your heat, mix your ingredients, and then vape like normal. It’s that simple! This is by far the best way to vape concentrates and you won’t want to go back to buying pre-made vape juice anymore. Vape on!

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