Unconventional entryways to suit every home

While many parts of the home get constant attention as potential places for an upgrade, doors are seldom looked at for improvement. In reality, doors, and doorways in general, take up a large amount of wall in the home and serve a crucial transitory function between spaces; changing the style of a door can have a major impact on the feel of not just one, but two rooms.

Rather than letting the dreary, dull silhouette of a standard wooden plank usher you into your home at the end of the day, try the simple switch to one of these exciting alternatives.

Composite Doors

These doors are manufactured out of composite materials and can therefore be tailored to suit any shape and style. If you’re having one of these doors built from scratch, you can consider customizing the shape of your door to include an arched window, like many famous entryways in Dublin. Adding windows to a composite door is also a great way to ensure your front entrance has plenty of light all day.

Hidden Doors

Disguising a door with a bookcase is a fun and interesting way to change up the style of your home. Although these sneaky doors are associated with mystery and mischief, there’s nothing stopping you from having one as the entrance to your study or en-suite! Getting these custom-built can be tricky, but the amazing illusion effect is well worth the effort.

Garden Doors

Though it may seem like quite a lot of work, making your door grow greenery is a surprisingly simple way to make your door stand out, and it’s also good for the planet. If you have a bit of a green thumb, you can DIY this project by buying a basic wooden door, growing moss on it, and then affixing the newly-green door to the existing frame.

Sliding Doors

One of the major ways you can change up your door style is to change the way it opens. Rather than rely on the boring swing open and shut that we’re all used to, if you have the space, put in a sliding door! Inspired by the style of barn doors, websites like sunburstca.com offer doors that move along rails at the top and bottom, sliding sideways to save space and add style.

No Doors

While many are used to having doors to break up the spaces within the home, where you don’t need absolute privacy, it might be worth getting rid of your door altogether. This is the cheapest and easiest way to totally change up your doorways: anyone can grab a screwdriver and take the door hinges off a door frame. In less than five minutes, you’ve turned two separate rooms into a divided double room and can enjoy the benefits of more open-plan living immediately.

If you’re bored of your current doorways, try these styles to shake up the aesthetic of your home’s entryways. You might be surprised by the difference these relatively simple changes make. 

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