Inconsistent Gambling Compliance Paves Way for Gambling Fraud

When players know cunning acts, laundering money becomes easy through online gambling. Hence, as soon as the world came to a halt during the COVID-19 lockdown the online gambling industry boomed with players. The online gaming industry reached USD 227 billion in 2020 and may further skyrocket by the end of 2021 according to Statista. 

Gambling compliance fraud and breaches increased due to the trend of gambling. In addition to rising players, gambling businesses are massively struggling to comply with online gambling rules and regulations. Hence, stringent gambling regulations were reinforced in 2020 to combat frauds and identity thefts and to restrict minors from gambling. 

Why The Need For Extensive Gambling Compliance?

Financial industries dealing with monetary transactions are prone to frauds and scams in addition to charge-back frauds. To mitigate these frauds, all financial businesses have to strictly adhere to AML/CFT compliance and establish an effective “know your player” compliance. Nonetheless, there are numerous updated gambling regulations, fraudsters with the help of AI adopt new tactics and damage the gambling industry more than ever. 

In 2019, the University of Bristol performed a study that concluded that approximately half of the population of 17-year-olds in the UK are subject to gambling every day. Even though the legal age to do gambling in every country is different, such as in the UK it is 18 and in the U.S it is 21, minor gambling is rising at a bewildering speed. This gave the rise to updated guidance or revised update to already issued gambling compliance. 

In view of the above-stated factors, gambling compliance is necessary to protect minors from gambling and being a subject of fraud. 

The Crucial Updates In The Gambling Compliance

As the number of players and their risks increases, regulative updates are necessary and demand rigorous evaluations. Hereabouts are a few of those updates:

  1. Stronger and stringent protections

The Gambling Commission additionally intensified the gambling compliance by including more effective and powerful protections for individuals at more prominent risk throughout the coronavirus lockdown. For instance, companies must conduct affordability checks and restrict users from placing money back within their accounts. They are additionally required to put limitations on users that display any indications of harm. 

  1. Stringent age restrictions 

Gambling platforms such as digital casinos must conduct “know your player” identification verification inspections to lessen children’s admittance to the gambling industry. This arrangement in gaming compliance additionally supports that companies do not affiliate themselves with money launderers and finance terrorists. 

  1. Businesses policy update

Businesses are instantly expected to renew and develop fresh policies to battle recurring accounts owned by the very individual. 

  1. Credit card ban

The latest updates have forced gaming prohibition through credit cards to deter identity frauds and chargeback hoaxes. It will additionally reduce players’ gambling more extra than they can bear. 

  1. VIP customers 

VIP players usually create difficulties in the gambling sector as they are typically granted various open bets, cashback, and certificates. As a consequence, workers are expected to lead affordability investigations and evaluate users’ vulnerability risks. They are also obliged to investigate the origin of funds and perform address verification analyses. 

Know Your Player Perks That Flatter The Online Gaming Safety

Online gaming safety is the highest preference of the gambling industry due to severe guidance. Identity verification services have served the gambling industry in various perspectives, for example; 

Effective Compliance

Player confirmation, also known as “know your player,” assures that institutions satisfy authorities and administrative compliances.

Know Your Player Verification

Gaming platforms established digitally are correspondingly answerable to check their gamers to augment attempts to reduce frauds in online gaming.

Promotes Age verification

Age verification inspections guarantee no minors are included in gaming to curb any fines connected with them. 

Improves Management of Risk 

When gaming industries utilize identity verification services, they depreciate the uncertainties of gaming scams and frauds and whatever opportunity to yield money laundering activities. 

Cautiously Identify Fraudulent Actions 

Customer due diligence in the gaming business prevents fraudsters from conducting illicit activities similar to identity frauds and account takeover. 

Improves Customer Experiences 

Clients can appreciate furnished facilities, such as strong verifications, that in turn uplifts consumer experience.

AML/CFT Compliant 

All economic divisions necessitate performing verification analyses to guarantee the client is not on the ban list or are PEPs and UBOs. 

Easy Enhance Due Diligence (EDD) procedures 

When feasible, the client refers to a UBO or a PEP list; they are strictly observed for additional evaluations to ensure they are not involved in any unlawful exercises that violate the law. 

Easily Limit Players Spending

Companies can restrict the spending of gamers whenever all exhibit indications of addiction.


Gaming compliance presents the betting industry with a reliable and guarded way to execute transactions. They assist fraud reduction, crimes, and scams and ensure that the institutions comply with KYC and AML/CFT regulations. Furthermore, the developing business of gambling makes it crucial to renew gambling compliance whenever needed. 


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