7 Creative Ways of Using Collage Photo Frames in Your House

All of us love nice wall decor and thanks to Pinterest, we are all in love with quirky collage photo frames. They come in a lot of different styles and are perfect to bring in a great decorative element to your room. The best part is they are not that expensive and can transform your space instantly.

Collage frames can bring life to any wall or corner if they are put up in a creative way. It can also turn into a fun project for your little ones to display the wall photo collage. Here are some creative ways in which you can use the frames in your apartment:

1. Colourful Mosaic Wall

You can create your mosaic photo art on the wall by using square collage frames over a coloured paperboard. Choose photos that have colourful backgrounds or props on them. All the hues on the frames with the coloured paperboard will make for a happy riot of colours in your room. You can even do it in your kids’ room to bring more character to their space.

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2. The Classic Black and White

Black and white together makes for a timeless and classy theme for your photos. Pick up pictures that have contrasting shades and get them printed in black and white. Use innovative collage frame designs to put the images on display. The overall framed look would give a very elegant effect to your space. People who love vintage styles often go for this idea as it is minimalistic, old-school and so elegant.

3. Fairy Lights on Photos

This is one of the most popular and easiest ways of doing up your walls. You can use this décor idea for special occasions too. Buy a photo frame for your birthday and decorate it with bright fairy lights. This would be a nice surprise for your loved one and will not even take up much of your time. You can even use multiple collage frames to display the photos.

4. The Larger Picture

For this, you need to use the wall as the canvas and the collage photo frames will be the parts of the bigger picture. Hang them up like a small puzzle or come up with a definite shape. You could use family collage frames to do this in your master bedroom or even your living space. This would be your DIY photo collage with just the wall and a few beautiful frames.

5. Split Photo Art

This is a very unique way of displaying your collage photo frames. You just need one of your favourite pictures and split it into two-three parts. Get the parts printed and put them up on the wall by using fancy frames. You can find really cool collage frames online.

6. Small Prints, Big Frame

For this activity, you will only need a few mini prints of your good photos and a big collage frame. Just place the mini prints together in the big frame and your collage is complete. It is a very simple yet sophisticated idea for making quick and beautiful wall art.

7. A Wall Timeline

This is a very fun photo collage idea for your walls. If you want to tell a tale through your pictures, go for a wall timeline. Collect pictures from different periods of your life. Then, place them in the right chronology using a picture frame collage wall. If you want to make it more interesting, place the frame on the sloping walls of the staircase to give it a unique twist.

A collage of photo frames are available in so many designs, you can play around with them. If you want something minimalistic and elegant, just for the simplistic big frames to put up 2-3 of your best photos.

For maintaining the minimalistic appeal, pick images with plain backgrounds. If you want to make it quirky, go for different shapes and colours to display on your wall. You will find a lot of different kinds of collage photo frames online. Make the right choice and transform your walls into works of art.  

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