Japanese Scientist Reveals the Miraculous Secrets of Zam Zam Water

As our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) taught us 1442 years ago, we Muslims recognize the sacredness of ZamZam water from the moment we come into our senses. The words of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) are uttered for us, but science did not believe in the miraculous ZamZam water for many centuries. ZamZam water is an interesting topic for scientists to analyze and discover its benefits, and they’re doing so all over the world. ZamZam is one-of-a-kind water in every sense, whether we’re talking about its creation or the numerous benefits it provides.

We’ll always be amazed by its miraculous nature. It was recently revealed that what is recited over ZamZam has an influence on it. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, explained his unique experience, which was scientifically proven. Dr. Emoto expressed his curiosity about how each snowflake falling from the sky is unique. His scientific instincts were unsatisfied, and he was sure that it was not true. The chemical composition of a snowflake – two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom – is a hindrance to its geometric shape. So, how is it possible that each snowflake that falls from the sky is unique? Dr. Emoto stated, “I was determined to prove this statement wrong,” and to that end, he constructed a perfect laboratory with a deep freezer and a regulator because no liquid subjected to sudden freezing can make the assumption of a geometric shape.

He claims that the freezing state should be time-consuming so that atoms have a chance to crystallize into the shape that God has decreed. There was a deep freezer with a regulator, so many microscopes with cameras, and a cod temperature of -7 degrees in his laboratory. All of the scientists who work in his laboratory are dressed warmly. ‘I took samples from 2 faucets in the lab and freeze them,’ he said, I find that each sample produces different snowflakes. He collects samples from 2 distinct wells, 2 distinct rivers, and 2 distinct lakes. ‘I almost went absolutely crazy by thinking this was witchcraft,’ he said.

One of the Saudi students at the University of Tokyo got the opportunity to visit him and find out what’s wrong with him. When he explained his problem, the student replied, “We’ve holy water known as ZamZam, and I will give you a sample for experimental research.” Because no witchcraft or Jinns can actually affect the ZamZam, so using it can either prove or disprove the entire theory. He took a ZamZam as a sample, experimented with it, and declared, “I couldn’t crystalize this water even after diluting it by 1,000 times.” According to Dr. Emoto, I diluted the ZamZam water by 1,000 and froze it to obtain a crystal of unique shape. He stated that two distinct crystals were formed, one on top of the other, but each took on a unique form. He became curious once more and asked his Muslim colleague why there were 2 crystals formed. His Muslim colleague explained that the word ‘ZamZam’ is made up of two words, ‘Zam’ and ‘Zam’.

His Muslim colleague offered him the opportunity to recite Quranic verses on ZamZam. He recited Quranic verses and obtained the most perfectly shaped crystals. Then he played Allah SWT’s 99 names, so each beautiful and spiritual name of our Creator made a uniquely-shaped crystal. It ended up taking him 15 years to complete these research experiments, then after he published a five-volume book series titled ‘Message from Water. In his book, he mentioned, “I have evidenced that ZamZam water, that peculiar liquid, is able to think, feel, understand, get excited, and express itself.”

Discoveries of Dr. Masaru Emoto:

ZamZam’s purity or quality cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Dr. Emoto used NANO technology and conducted extensive research on ZamZam. He also discovers that a drop of ZamZam mixed with 1000 drops of regular water produces the same results as ZamZam.

A mineral in one drop of ZamZam water has its own special significance that cannot be found in any other water.

He also observes that the quality of ZamZam’s ingredients cannot be altered. Science is unable to explain why such a thing occurs. While developing this theory, he attempted to recycle ZamZam multiple times, but in vain because ZamZam did not change at all and remains pure.

While researching on ZamZam, he discovered that when Muslims recite Bismillah before drinking normal water, the quality of the water changes in strange ways. These changes make regular water best for drinking.

He also discovered that by reciting Quranic verses over regular water, the water gets the power to cure various diseases.

This miraculous water is approximately 10.6 feet below the surface. After pumping at an average rate of 8,000 liters per second for above 24 hours, the water level drops to about 44 feet below the surface, but miraculously, when the pumping is stopped, the level rises to 13 feet in just 11 minutes. SUBHANALLAH! The ZamZam well produces 8,000 liters of water per second, which equates to 480,000 liters per second and 480,000 liters per minute, or 28.8 million liters per hour or even 691.2 million liters per day. The well re-supplied again in just 11 minutes after providing 691.2 million liters of water in 24 hours.

In Short, every Muslim desires to get this miraculous ZamZam water for the freshness of their faith and also get rid of various diseases, because it is a definite source of Shifa. Many patients have recovered or become well after drinking this holy water. People who perform Umrah and hajj can take Zamzam Water to their homes. If you want to get or drink Zamzam and reap lots of unbelievable benefits, whether for health or for any other reason. Then, Muslims Holy Travel offers you a variety of Umrah Packages in 2022 from all across the United Kingdom. So, choose any of our Umrah Packages that suits you best to go for Umrah and fulfill your desire to get Zamzam water for yourself and also for your loved ones.

He stated that two distinct crystals were formed, one on top of the other, but each took on a unique form. He became curious once more and asked his Muslim colleague why there were 2 crystals formed. His Muslim colleague explained that the word ‘ZamZam’ is made up of two words, ‘Zam’ and ‘Zam’.

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