Memorizing the Quran fast

Memorizing the Quran is an art. It is such a humble gift that God gives to all the Muslims. How to memorize the Quran is a technique which we can use in memorizing the quran easily. Quran e Paak is the last divine book by Allah Almighty. It is revealed by Allah Almighty on our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW.

In the Quran, Allah Almighty says:


Hence, when the Qur’an is voiced, hearken unto it, and listen in silence, so that you might be graced with [God’s] mercy.

The Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.” (Reported by Bukhari shareef)

The Importance of Memorizing the Quran:

           Quran Paak is a religious and holy book for all the Muslims. We consider it our religion obligatory to memorize it by heart. It is the part and parcel of our daily life. Every Muslim even a man in the street knows very well the importance of it and wants to know how to memorize the quran. When we say prayer, we recite some verses from the holy quran. They are the integral part of our prayer. We make little prayers in our heart daily. That is also an example of memorizing the quran and throws ample light on its importance.

Tips for memorizing the quran:

Everyone can memorize the quran easily if he wants. This is not as bigger task as it is considered. Strong determination and will power are the key values of it. Here are some useful tips that can be very helpful for memorizing the quran.

Start by a little bit:

Little by little one walks far is an often quoted proverb. It means our little start can put us on the way to long journey of success. In the start, try to memorize only few verses of the holy quran. It will create your interest in memorizing the Quran.

Following a set routine:

The answer of how to memorize the quran is hiding under the following of a set routine. Fix any of your favorite time and try to revise your verses daily. No matter how much did you learn? If you practice it daily that is everything. Develop a habit of spending your certain time with quran paak every day. Keep your focus on building this habit for thirty days. Simply, after saying your fajar prayer, you can give twenty to thirty minutes to quran e paak.

Revise your lesson again and again:

It is observed that quran paak is very easy to memorize if your learn it twenty percent and do revision of it by eighty percent. This becomes important when you memorizing it more. Keep on learning without memorizing is just like pouring water in a glass having hole at its bottom.

Get the services of Hafiz e Quran:

The person, who has already a good knowledge of quran e paak, can help you a lot in memorizing the quran. If you can go to mosque, you should get the help from the hafiz. He can not only teach you quran, but can also teach you best and accurate pronunciation of the holy quran. You can easily revise your lesson in front of him. He can help you in keeping you up to date in your lessons.

Set a weekly goal:

When you will set a target you do good work to get it achieved. Set a weekly target of a surah or some verses. This will help you to do your recitation on daily basis. It will help you in getting your target. You will feel bad when you do not get your work done.

Have a competition:

If you have a competition with one of your friends, brothers or sisters, it will bring a rapid progress for you. In trying to surpass others, you will do your best struggle to win the competition. It will create a healthy atmosphere for all of you.

Friday’s revision test:

Set one day for revision of the whole week. This could be the Friday. You can revise all of your verses on Fridays. It will not let you forget the earlier work. This can make memorizing the quran very easy.

Try to do this in the early years of your life:

 Your memorization is at the peak between five to twenty three years of your life. You can use this golden time for this sacred purpose. This is the best time when you can memorize as much things as you want. Committing things to memory at this age is very easy and not forget them easily. This time period is also very necessary regarding the stamina of sitting, reciting, reading again and again. If we start this after thirty of forty years of age, then it will be very difficult for all of us to do this. In the end, we may sum up with the words that memorizing the quran is very easy in early and adult age. We can easily memorize it. Afterwards, we will not be able to keep our focus on the recitation only. In the later life, we have a lot of other worries and responsibilities. So, with all other tips, the last one is very important. We should try whole heartedly to memorize the quran. If we have waste our time, we can do this by memorizing to our beloved ones’ like son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter. We pray to Allah Almighty, that He may lead us to the way of Falah and Janna. Ameen.


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