The importance of masks in today’s world

The COVID-9 pandemic led us to reconsider the way we go out. The use of masks has become an extremely important part of our daily routines. The different types of masks and their benefits are also stark.

For instance, the N99 mask is a common one, that you can find people wearing. However, even though the pandemic may have slowed down, the use of masks must not be stopped. Let’s look at the reasons for using masks regularly. 

1. Masks are an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19

Being mandated by the government and recommended by several different experts, there is no doubt that masks help in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Masks help to ensure that when you cough or sneeze the virus doesn’t get transmitted to other individuals around you. Experts suggest that it can slow down the transmission of the virus up to 70 %. It can also be seen that masks prevent asymptomatic spread to a great extent. 

2. Air pollution

In today’s day, India is a country with one of the worst AQI indexes in the world. This means that the air we take in is not of high quality and has several different pollutants in it. If you’re particularly caught down by dust allergies then an N99 mask is extremely useful for you. It can filter out up to 99 % of 2.5 PM dust particles for you. Apart from this, these masks help you to keep soot and other forms of dirt away from your face. 

3. Personal Hygiene

Masks are a great way to maintain personal hygiene. Our bodies are sensitive and what goes inside our mouths can affect us greatly. Masks are a great way to protect your face and mouth from ingesting foreign substances that may be harmful substances like dirt. The number of places one may touch during their commute may often contain dirt and harmful bacteria. Masks prevent you from putting your hand on your mouth directly. This reduces the chance of ingesting these substances significantly. 

The two best types of masks and where to get them

The N95 and N99 masks are the two best masks you can get. These masks filter out over 90 % of the polluting particles and help you stay healthy. You can find anti-pollution masks online easily with a simple search. These masks are available in a wide range of designs. Some popular ones include fashionable designs like Marvel, DC, Disney, etc. Good mask selling companies have masks that are FFP2 and EU – CWA 17553:2020 certified. 

If you’re looking for an anti-pollution mask online a variety of companies offer them for very affordable prices. The best brands have masks that are comfortable to wear and easy to breathe in. They also provide masks made of environmentally sustainable materials. An online search for the best anti-pollution masks will easily get you onto the website of such a company. Do check out the certification details before completing your purchase!

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