Minecraft Survival Mode- Survival guide for Day One

Minecraft Survival Mode- Survival guide for Day One

Over the years, online gaming has become the favorite pastime for all the right reasons. One game that continues to have a stupendous fan following is Minecraft. It seems new players are joining the servers to experience this incredible strategy game.

Before you start playing the game, you should also have a clear idea of the Minecraft server hosting. It will help you in getting the best experience without any downtime. Dedicated game servers are the best choice. Nowadays, you have the option of renting these servers too. Once, you are all set with the best game server in your repertoire, you are all set to build an exciting world.

Minecraft survival mode can be tricky if you are a beginner. Chances are, you will feel lost, wondering what to do first. If you wander in oblivion for too long, problems can multiply within no time, as soon as it is dark, enemies in the form of zombies, creepers, and skeletons are waiting to go after your life. Therefore, you must make the right moves for survival before nightfall.  Read on, as we guide you with tips for survival.

Start by tweaking the settings

When you begin, you will find yourself amidst a world with a specific environment. You may be surrounded by water, or the surroundings may be rocky. Here, you can do little to change the environment. Being a beginner, a lot will depend on how you adjust the game settings. For instance, you can change the difficulty mode, world type, world preferences, and world options, for making the survival journey convenient. We recommend, starting with the normal difficulty when playing the survival mode.

Time to make the crafting table

Bare hands, and nature, that is what you get when you commence the survival mode. Now, it is the best time to make use of the 2×2 grid personal crafting menu. Waste no time, and start collecting woods. For the uninitiated, you can get them by punching the trees. Each tree section will offer a block of a log. Try and collect as much as you can, as you will require building a shelter for survival. Refer to the guides and tutorials in Minecraft communities, and soon you should be able to build the crafting table.

Time to make the crafting table

Build a home for shelter

With your crafting table ready, you can now start working on building a home. Use the table and make wooden axes, pickaxes, and a shovel. The handy crafting shortcuts should help you in guiding to make these. Look around for stones and minerals like iron and copper. You can use them for creating weapons.

If you have visited the Minecraft worlds of your friends, you might be keen on building a good-looking home. However, it isn’t a good idea to waste time. The ultimate idea is to build a safe haven where you can put up the night stay. Use the basic tools that help you in building a shelter quickly. Remember, it should not be vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The must-haves

A bed is a must in your new shelter. Not only will it help you in resting, but you can also utilize it as the spawn point if you. Next, always keep the crafting table at your perusal. You never know, when you might need to construct something out of emergency. Furnaces and chests are the other two essential items, you must keep inside the shelter.

Don’t forget the torches

A dark room is of no use, and in Minecraft, you haven’t got the luxury of electricity. Use coal and sticks to make torches. Sometimes, you might not get access to coals, in such situations, you can create charcoals by unearthing cobblestones. Make the right quantities of torches, and place them all around the shelter.

Build a robust door

Build a robust door

Do not compromise with the door quality. After all, a good door will keep the monsters on the prowl away from you. The last thing you will do is forget to shut the door. All your efforts building the shelter will go in vain if you keep the door open. It will be an open invitation for the creepy monsters to have you for their dinner.

Points to remember

You are welcome to build a new shelter at any location. But for the best results, do so besides a mountain. It will give you easy access to harvest stones. Likewise, avoid building a home near caves. These caves are the home ground for all the monsters. Thus, you might not get ample time to finish the construction of the home. As soon as it is dark, the monsters will respawn and will run after your blood.

It gets tougher and tougher

After you successfully survive the first day, do not let complacency set in. As you prepare for the second day, expect more ferocious monsters will be coming your way. Hereon, the journey gets tougher as you move on. But, that is what survival mode is all about. You have to utilize your crafting skills and wit at the same time. Take inspiration from the players who have survived this mode without breaking a sweat. Ultimately, when you emerge victoriously, the feeling will be just out of this world.

Wrapping it up

We hope, the above tips will help you get started in Minecraft and that you can gradually pass each day without any major mishaps. Of course, you have the option of respawning as mentioned before. Use these features tactfully, and Minecraft survival mode will keep you hooked for eternity.


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