Significance of holographic stickers

Holographic stickers are new to people. Companies did not use them commonly in the past. However, nowadays their use has increased. These are very easy to work with. Companies are using them on the large scale now. They use these stickers not only to mark their products as genuine but also to attract more buyers. These are special types of stickers. Usual stickers have only a single color. These stickers change their color when viewed from different directions. This concept is very unique for most people. They get captivated by these stickers. So, companies pack their products in boxes with stickers. This is an easy way to attract new buyers.

Why are these becoming common?

Custom stickers holographic packaging is becoming common these days. IT must be of very use to the companies. That’s why they are using it on the large scale.

Easy to use:

Holographic stickers are very easy to use. They do not need to hire a lot of labor in this case. These stickers can be pated easily onto the packaging, or in some cases, directly onto the products.

Adhesive side:

On one side of the sticker, there is printing. This means that companies print their logos or any other information on one side of the sticker. Whereas, the other side is left blank. The adhesive is applied on that side and covered by paper. Companies can take off that paper and paste the sticker on any surface they want. This makes these stickers very easy to use.

Adhere strongly:

These stickers adhere for a long time. Once people paste them on any surface, it is difficult to remove them. This ensures that they remain useful for a longer period. Moreover, they are also resistant to scratches, and sometimes they are even water-proof.

Can be used on different surfaces:

Companies can use these stickers on different types of surfaces. If it is a book company, they can paste these stickers on the cover of the book. If it is a packaging company, they can paste a holographic sticker on the packaging boxes. This also makes these stickers very easy to use. They do not need to use different stickers for different surfaces.

Protection against piracy:

Companies use these stickers to prevent anyone from copying their product. Specifically, if it is a book company, it is very important to use such stickers to prevent piracy. People usually make many copies of the original book and start selling these fake copies. They can photocopy what is written on the boo, but they can not photocopy the holographic sticker. This makes things difficult for them.

Differentiate between original and fake products:

People can also differentiate fake products from original ones using these stickers. Usually, companies paste these stickers only on their genuine products. Fake copies do not have such stickers on their packaging. This ensures that they do not spend their precious money to buy fake items. This is very important for companies to reduce the sales of fake products. This Is why they have become so common in the first place.

Vibrant and captivating:

Holographic stickers are different from other types of stickers. When people view them from different sides, they appear to have different colors. This fascinates the people. Moreover, all these colors that appear are very vibrant and captivating. So, people prefer to buy products with such packaging. Companies make use of this fact to attract buyers towards their best product. Such packaging highlights the product among the others. People can spot it easily among other products.

Decrease packaging cost:

These stickers also reduce the cost of packaging. Companies do not need to customize the whole box to attract new buyers. Instead, they can use simple boxes and customize them using these stickers. It will make the boxes attractive while reducing the total cost of customization. This is also one main factor why companies are preferring to use these stickers over packaging boxes. This enables them to sell their product at wholesale prices. People prefer to buy products that have wholesale rates.


Custom stickers holographic packaging is also becoming very important now. It gives companies different choices in different situations. They can use vibrant colors to catch the attention of more buyers. Buyers will see these colors when they view the sticker from different angles. If they want people to buy the original product, they can print their logo on the sticker. It changes color also and helps people to buy the original product. They can also increase or decrease the size of the sticker according to the packaging or the product. People can also order custom stickers for gift packaging. They can print the recipient’s name on the sticker. This ease of use has made these stickers popular among companies.  


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