Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Corrugated Box

A corrugated box is similar to a cardboard box in many ways, but brands prefer the use of corrugated boxes at the time of shipment. These boxes can help your brand to deliver your products from one place to another safely and satisfy the customers’ needs. These boxes are used for almost all goods and even for heavy items and are beneficial from a business perspective. There are four types of corrugated boxes. Their names are given below:

  1. Single Face corrugated box
  2. Single Wall corrugated box
  3. Double Wall Boxes
  4. Triple Wall corrugated boxes

The type that your brand will select depends on the weight and size of the product. So here you will know about the Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Corrugated Boxes.

Maximum Protection:

The Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes consist of two to four layers, which is why these boxes are more durable and sturdier than cardboard boxes. Any brand cannot rely on cardboard boxes for heavy products, but they can rely on these Corrugated cartons to deliver bulky goods to the customers without any breakage and loss. It means these solid boxes can save the reputation of your business organization. In addition to this, these Australian corrugated packagings don’t let germs or heat enter the box and keep the goods safe from all the hazards. If it is any food item, then even its flavor, softness, crunchiness, and freshness can be marinated during the shipment process and save the food from soon expiration. In addition to this, as these boxes have more layers, they can keep their goods from excess water as well. So, it means no doubt that these boxes are best in all possible ways.

Easy to Customize:

These boxes are easily customizable it means Corrugated Box manufacturers can print any design on them by using specific printing techniques of their own choice. These designs can enhance the overall beauty of Corrugated packaging and attract customers to your brand’s products. The more customers will like your packaging skills, the more it will be difficult for them to resist your brand’s products. So, make a wise decision while choosing the design patterns for your corrugated box. Contrary to this, brands can give customization options to their respected customers who can pay more to get these services. In this option, customers can select the design themselves depending on their taste or occasion.


Every brand wants to use affordable yet durable packaging material for their products so that they can deliver their goods at a low rate. So, no need to worry all you have to do is use Corrugated cardboard boxes for your brand, and here we go. These boxes can solve all your problems and fulfill all your demands. Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are so budget-friendly that they don’t create a burden for your brand and even control the brand’s expenses. Not only this, but the customers can also get their orders at a reasonable price because of these affordable boxes.

Sustainable and Biodegradable:

Corrugated cartons are eco-friendly, just like cardboard boxes. These boxes also don’t create adverse effects on human bodies our environment. Even though this Australian corrugated packaging is biodegradable, that means if you bury these boxes under the soil, it can result in fertility at that portion. It means if anyone doesn’t want to use the boxes and is not in the mood to recycle them, then bury them in the ground. They can help increase greenery in our surroundings that look so pretty and increase the rate of oxygen as well, which can help humans to breathe appropriately.

Great for Branding:

Corrugated box manufacturers can use these boxes sensibly for branding purposes. Now you will think about how it is possible because you have to use the medium of TV channels and publicize your goods for promotion. But no, it is not the only option. You can also print the name of your firm on the Corrugated packaging. When people see these boxes, they will get to know about your brand. Then if your packaging is attractive, they will search about your company on the internet, where further complete details will help them access your brand if they are interested in placing orders.

Offer Flexibility:

A corrugated box is so flexible that firms can cut and assemble these corrugated cartons in versatile shapes and sizes. But the shape and size of these Corrugated cardboard boxes depending on the structure of the product. When it comes to figures, brands can go for any shape that they find innovative or trendy, and that shape compliments that good you want to pack inside. Either it is an oval shape, rectangular Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, square boxes with or without handles, folding boxes, etc. All these shapes are so perfect that they can add value to your brand’s goods and boost sales in a fraction of seconds. On the other hand, the size varies from product to product but try to go for exact dimensions. In this way, transportation costs will also reduce.

No Pointed Corners and Light Weight:

Australian corrugated packaging has no pointed corners it means the boxes are entirely safe. No one can get hurt while holding up these boxes. In addition to this, these Corrugated packaging’s are light in weight it means people can easily handle and grab them, and they will enjoy the unboxing of such boxes. Corrugated box manufacturers keep the convenience of the customers and delivery man in mind, and then they make these boxes. So, any brand that wants these boxes can place online orders to any packaging industry and grab their corrugated boxes in bulk quantity at a reasonable price.


Corrugated cardboard boxes have so many advantages that no one avoids the use of these boxes. Plus, one more thing is that one can reuse these boxes after passing through the recycling process. This is such a big blessing because it can reduce the wastage of natural resources like coal, fuel, electric and solar energy, etc. Hence proved that if you want a better substitute for cardboard boxes, then stop looking for other options. Your searching will end after reading this article, and you will use corrugated boxes without any hesitation.


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