The Different Fitting Sized of Jute Mats for the Best Look of the House

There are 4 sizes of jute rugs. We distinguish the large carpet, the XXL carpet, the medium-sized carpet and the small carpets. Round rugs are more and more fashionable (regardless of the size chosen). It is possible to use several rugs which can be either matched or different. You just have to make sure they are in harmony with each other.

Rug Usage for the Living Rooms

For a large living room, the recommended dimensions are 170 cm x 240 cm. For even larger spaces, it is better to opt for the XXL model of 200 cm x 300 cm. Depending on your room and the size of it, the dimensions of your rug are important. For this we have several tips. Your carpet should be proportional to your interior and can be placed in different ways to beautify and enhance your room.

  • Be careful not to confuse living room rugs and outdoor rugs for gardens or terraces. It is necessary to know how to make the difference since the garden hangings would not be suitable for your living room and vice versa.
  • If you’re having a hard time judging the size of your room, it’s good to have an overview of your entire home to measure the size of your living room compared to other rooms.
  • The furnishings and layout of your living room, especially in terms of furniture and knick-knacks, can also be a good indication.

This allows the chairs to stay on the mat at all times. The same rule goes for square tables on square rugs, or round tables on round rugs.

The living room

A living room rug can be used to define living spaces and to combine seating into a single entity. The width of the carpet should be at least equal to the width of the sofa, but ideally it should protrude to the left and right by 15 to 25 centimeters.

  1. A spacious sofa area can be accompanied by a large carpet placed entirely under all seats.
  2. If the living room is a little small, the carpet should be smaller, and the front legs of the seats should be placed on the carpet.
  3. For small rooms, it is also advisable to place the rug directly in front of the sofa. Only a few pieces of furniture, such as the coffee table, should be positioned directly on the carpet.


Bedroom rugs give a cozy touch and keep your feet warm when you get up. The size of the rug depends mainly on the size of the room. The width of the bed is also crucial in choosing the carpet. In a bedroom, which often has a smaller surface area, it is better to use a 170 x 140 cm rug.

Do you have a large bedroom and want to feel completely comfortable? Place the bed and bedside tables entirely on the bedroom rug. A uniformly wide edge on all sides of the bed gives a particularly harmonious effect – for example, the width of the bedside tables serves as a guide. In a small bedroom, you should use a smaller rug. While bedside tables should be placed directly on the floor, the front legs of the bed can be placed on the Floorspace carpet, so that the bed is framed in a circle.

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