The styling tips – How can you enhance your personality by wearing polo shirts?

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the styles which make your personality unique when you wear a polo shirt.

Did you know?

Every month, more than 80% of the shoppers buy polo T-shirts online.

So let u begin with some of the important styling tips

Do you have a leather bottom?

If yes, then it adds charm and aura to your personality. The girls present the best look when they wear polo shirts with skirts. Guys, it is completely up to your comfort level about whether you want to wear the tight or loose leather bottom. But make sure, it has to be plane.

Try pairing it with the chinos

If you want to go to some professional meeting, in which you do not want to wear formals but still want to look professional, then nothing can add to your personality other than the chinos. A complete normal look will be presented when you wear these leather bottom pants with pointed shoes. Now you must be thinking about what you should wear when you want to present a casual look. Then the loafers will go extremely well in that case.

Wear with the short skirts

The polo shirts were earlier only in trend among the males. But no sooner the girls started finding them fancy, trendy, casual and comfortable, they also joined the boy in the league of buying polo T-shirts online. This fashion advice is, particularly for the girls. If you want to reflect the sexiest formal look, then pair the polo shirt with the shorts for the mini skirt you are having.

Professional but comfortable

We have met so many guys who are not comfortable with weaning the shirts with the blazer. We suggested they opt for polo shirts instead of shirts. At first everybody wonders, will it look good and professional? Yes my dear it will look good! you need not worry. What you have to do is just try it for once. And please do not forget to write to us about how you liked the eventual look.

Pair it with the formal pants

Since the beginning of the article, we are giving you tips on how you can make polo shirts formal yet comfortable. So how can we forget to mention it pairing with the formal pants? Now don’t lie, each one of us does have at least one formal pant at our house.

Try to play with the patterns

All the polo shirts are plain. There are some in which there are so many kinds of patterns, while there are others in which the stripes, whether vertical and horizontal, make them unique. You can play with the patterns. Why only patterns, you can wear contrast colours if you want to present a lively look of yours.

Do not wear anything underneath the polo shirt

Wearing something underneath the polo shirts will destroy the original look of the shirts. If you do not want to look like a joker then never do this.

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