Whom should you visit – An Orthopaedist or A rheumatologist?

There are so many specialisations in the single medical discipline, that the people suffering from the particular disorder find it difficult to determine which medical doctor would be best for them. According to the orthopaedic doctor practising in the famous orthopaedic hospital in Punjab, “ People often find it difficult to find out whether they should be visiting an orthopaedist or rheumatologist since both of these physicians are accountable for dealing with the joint pain.”

Note: It is suggested to schedule a regular appointment with an orthopaedist to make sure that if there is any problem with the joints then it is to be detected at the earliest stage. If you keep on avoiding your joint pain, then you will soon need to have spine surgery in Ludhiana.

Who is the orthopaedist?

These are usually categorized as the surgeons who are supposed to address the problems like the following:

  • Bone disease
  • Joint diseases

These are professionals in treating the joint problems concerning:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Trauma


These are the physicians who are experts in dealing with various autoimmune disorders. These usually do not perform surgical treatments. These are known for providing a non-invasive treatment plan for the betterment of joint and bone health conditions.

So how are you supposed to decide whether you are to visit an orthopedist or a rheumatologist?

First of all, it is suggested to visit the primary care physicians who will carry out the physical examination to determine which specialist does have the skills to treat this problem. If physical examination would not be sufficient, then the following may also be taken into account:

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Another kind of screening for the abnormalities

Until the patient is not getting the appointment of the right kind of joint specialist, the primary care physician will suggest home with the pain relievers that will give them relief for the time being.

Please note:

Sometimes the initial sessions of the PCP are so effective that you may not need to visit any other doctor further.

Everything you need to know about the rheumatologists

These are the individuals that study IAD (inflammatory immune disorders) by taking the following aspects in mind;

  • Causes
  • Impact
  • Treatments

They deal with the following situation that happens in the body:

When our body gets down with autoimmune disorders, then the immune system of our body starts to malfunction and commence attacking the healthy tissues of our bodies.

These are the medical professionals who are also known as internists and paediatricians. These are the people who have gained extra knowledge in diagnosing and treating the 100 systemic forms of arthritis.

Bottom Line

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