The Ultimate Guide to Choose Suitable Dining Tables

Every dining room has a different tale that connects with the dining table. It can be a perfect spot for sharing joy and giggles with family members. At times, it can even turn out as a hub for discussing news or stories.

The importance of dining tables extends beyond their functionality. However, there is no uniform piece as it gets segregated into various types. It varies in terms of shape, material, and style. An effective dining table is the need of the hour that serves distinct purposes. Here is the complete guide into dining tables.

Choosing the Right Dining Table Size

Firstly, every dining table has dimensions depicting three figures. The length, width, and height of it vary accordingly. Such measurement is important as it determines the sitting capacity of dining tables. Therefore, do not forget to measure your dining room before looking out for any option.

There is no purpose in buying a dinner table if it does not fit properly. Various factors need to be kept in the aspect of sizing. How many chairs can it accommodate? Or, how many people can sit together? The answer mainly depends on the width of the table. It tends to have 22 or 24 inches of space after every chair. Thus, the right answer depends on the family size of a household.

Do not ignore this aspect as extra size can cover up the space while having a smaller one can destroy the purpose. The standard height of chairs is generally 18.5 inches which can differ accordingly.

Along with it, you must have sufficient space to allow the movement of people. A space below 42 inches is inadequate for any person. Are you expecting guests frequently or considering expanding family?

If yes, invest in a large table that will serve the purpose for a long duration. There is no point in wasting monetary resources for short-term goals. Keep both utility and comfort in mind while picking a suitable size.

Settling Down On an Ideal Shape

You must have noticed that dining tables come in a large number of shapes. The most commonly seen options are circular or rectangular ones. However, every type has a different seating capacity.

Suppose you want a table for formal occasions with 6 to 10 seating; a rectangular shape will complete the purpose. Circular tables best fulfill compact spaces of 2 to 4 persons. An anesthetic vibe can be attained through square dining rooms and rectangular-shaped tables for rectangular rooms.

The Role of Material

There is no denying that finalizing the right material for the dining table is a daunting task. Factors like price, style, and comfort should also be balanced with it. If you are perplexed among too many options, let us look at the most prevalent ones.

Wood: Solid wood dining table is not only durable but looks elegant in your home. It is a classic item that never goes out of style and fits the purpose. The repair is comparatively easy, and you need to worry about the maintenance aspect. Sheesham wood dining table or the one made out of rosewood can be perfect options.

Glass: Does your room lack adequate luminosity? If yes, glass is a great option to fit the purpose. It can be used for the tabletop giving an elegant look to the same. Price is not an issue as such tables are quite economical and justify the purpose. You can also buy a wooden option and style glass separately over it.

Match the Existing Theme

Your dining table must seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of your room. Be it modern style or a contemporary one, and the options are diverse. It is advisable to choose a subtle piece that can stay relevant over a long period.


Budget is the key component while looking out for any item. For example, the price of dining tables depends on their size, material, and capacity. If you have solid criteria, consider many options and categorize them according to the priorities.

Make sure that an item meets your list of criteria and does not rip your pockets. Keep the wooden dining table price in mind while hunting down options.


Maintaining the overall decor of your dining room is not an impossible task. Be aware of your choices and look out for diverse options. If you are tired of checking stores, consider buying a dining table online. You can find wide options in the comfort of your home. Be ready to turn the mental image of your dream dining table into a reality.

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