Types of Bite Problems That Requires Braces

It is common to develop some problems that are related to oral health and hence require an appointment with the orthodontist for diagnosis and treatment of the same. Braces are a part of dental devices and hence are used for correcting bite problems and treating misaligned and crooked teeth. Bite issues are the most common but severe bite issues can cause excessive grinding of the teeth which leads to wearing off of enamel. Some issues can also cause eating disorders and speech impairment, i.e. not being properly able to speak. We talked to teeth braces for adults in Roanoke and bought this blog to identify the types of bite problems that require an immediate dental check-up.

1. Open Bite

Open bite often develops from an early age as a result of some infants pressing their tongues forward to mount intensive stress on the teeth. There are two types of open bites namely posterior and anterior. Posterior is caused when teeth at the back are closed together and the front teeth are left open whereas in the case of anterior front teeth are closed together and back teeth are left open. Not only as a kid but having naturally irregular and small teeth can also cause open bites. Untreated cases can often lead to difficulty in eating and speech problems and thus require medical attention.

2. Misalignment and Gaps

When the teeth are not properly arranged in accordance with the jaw in the mouth, then this is termed as misalignment, this is not as serious as an open bite but it can also cause the jaw and joints to not function properly, and hence needs to be treated. Normal gaping between the teeth is good but large gaping can cause gum tissues to loosen out and can also expose the teeth to diseases like gingivitis. Hence this problem can be cured by wearing dental braces.

3. Overbite

Overbite is a condition in which the upper jaw is likely to be more extended than the lower one and thus the overlapping causes lower teeth to hide behind the upper ones. Wearing off of teeth, weak gums and other issues tag along with the overbite issue and hence can be treated with the help of a metal brace.

4. Crossbite

It also occurs in two categories as open bites and they are also named anterior crossbite and posterior crossbite. Anterior crossbite is the condition in which lower teeth are fitted behind the upper teeth region whereas in posterior the upper teeth are fitted behind the lower teeth region. It can occur on both temporary and permanent teeth and as well as on more than one teeth. This is considered one of the most severe dental cases and should be treated with efficiency.

5. Underbite

This is commonly found among children in which the lower jaw causes the lower teeth to extend and thus covers the upper region of the teeth. Jaw stress, trauma, and serious damage to the enamels are the effects on teeth that Underbite causes. Monitor your child, closely and keep a deep watch on their oral health so you can diagnose it early otherwise it can lead to serious oral issues from an early age.

6. Crowding of Teeth

Crowding of teeth is quite natural and it can develop at any age. Having a small mouth can also cause overcrowding and cause teeth to fight for the space. Having larger teeth or abrupt growth of wisdom teeth can also cause overcrowding and hence this condition can be treated with the help of metal braces. It can occur at any age but you need not worry as proper dental care and routine check-ups can help treat it better.

7. Deep Bite

When the front teeth grow and cover the lower set of teeth, however, due to this many people consider it as a condition of overbite but both are fairly different, and not all deep bites can be considered as an overbite. It can also be termed as the misalignment growing more severe and can harm tissues and enamel of teeth. The surface of the teeth can cause eruption and cuts in the lower jaw further leading to infections.

Bottom Line:

There are solutions to every type of bite problem occuring at any age and hence you should always consult your dentist for the underlying problems. Depending upon your dental situation, you might need to consult professionals offering services in adult braces Roanoke. He/she is an expert and will guide you through the correct way of treating as well as maintain it afterward too since many preventive measures need to be taken. Hope we were able to conclude the blog with the correct information.


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