Things To Have in A Guest Bathroom

A guest bathroom is an area in your house which you may neglect. However, even though you may not use the bathroom often it is still in important to keep the bathroom well-kept as you never know when you will have an unexpected house guest.

Keep it clean

Make sure that you keep the bathroom clean at all times. Nobody likes to use a dirty bathroom and especially when someone comes into you home you would not want them to use a bathroom in your home that is dirty.

Therefore, even if you yourself do no use the bathroom daily, make sure that you keep it clean and tidy. If you clean the bathroom every day, then it would not take much time when cleaning the bathroom. However, if you wait weeks or even a month and then clean it, it will likely be a time-consuming process.

The essentials

In every bathroom, whether it is a guest bathroom or not there are certain things that you must have at all times in the bathroom. For example, things like soap, a hand towel and toilet paper are essential items you should have in your bathroom. Make sure you keep the essentials stocked or alters have a few extras available in case you run out. For instance, if you run out of these essentials in the middle of the night and you have a guest staying over, it would not be ideal.

Are things working?

Keeping the guest bathroom clean, tidy and stocked with essentials is not enough. You should also make sure that you do not have broken door knobs, locks that don’t lock and a broken shower. Looking after the bathroom does not only mean keeping it clean and stocked. It also means making sure everything is intact. You wouldn’t want your guest having to call you on the phone from the bathroom asking you to come and get them out.

This could happen if your lock is jammed and they are stuck in the bathroom. You also wouldn’t want your guest to not be able to have a shower and feel clean and comfortable. However, this too can happen if you have a broken shower head. Therefore, make sure everything that is broken is fixed before your guests enter the bathroom.

You should also make sure the floor is not slippery. Having a mat in the bathroom would help with keeping the bathroom floors dry and safe to walk on. It is also important to ensure that here are no loose tiles coming out from the bathroom floors as loose tiles can lead to your guest tripping over the tile and falling to the ground.

Create a nice ambience

If you want your guest to feel comfortable and relaxed while they are using the bathroom there are a few things you can do to aid in this. For instance, paint the wall in light or neutral colours and this would automatically create a calming effect as opposed to having black and dull looking walls. Scented candles can create a nice aroma or using air freshener would also do the trick.

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