Tips For Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Fabric sofas are some of the costliest sofas for many families to own, which makes it even more important to keep them clean. If you have young children or pets, dirt is probably more than an occasional problem on your sofa fabric. Here are some tips for keeping your fabric sofa looking fresh and new.

-Fabrics that pill should be brushed using a clothes brush. This removes the pilling at its source, making cleaning easier later on. You can also use a battery operated garment shaver if you prefer.

-Spills happen all the time with kids and pets around, but they’re easily cleaned up when they occur with a mixture of dish soap and water applied with a white cloth or sponge until they are removed. Clean the soiled spots with water until they are gone. If there is any residue after removing the spill or if it becomes wet again, use a clean, dry cloth to rub the area until it disappears.

-If you need to clean more than just spills and dirt off your fabric sofa cleaning regularly, buy some carpet shampoo for upholstery . This will deep-clean your sofa regularly, but only use it on your sofa when necessary since too much can cause problems with stability and looking good over time.

-Don’t allow dirt to build up on your fabric furniture by always using coasters under drinks and keeping pet hair brushed from the sofa as often as possible. Some families might prefer not having pets around at all if this is an issue with the fabric sofa.

-Stains on upholstered fabrics are easily removed if you blot them with a cloth that is dipped in warm water and mild dish soap. Keep changing the cloth until it comes away clean, then dry with another soft towel using patting motions to avoid further damage to the fabric’s fibers.

-If this doesn’t work or if there is any staining before applying this method, use vinegar instead of water for your mixture by mixing equal parts white vinegar and tepid water together in a bowl. Using another piece of cloth, soak up as much of the liquid as possible after application before trying out your dish soap/water solution again. The vinegar can be too harsh without diluting it first.

-Another solution for stains of unknown origin is to use hydrogen peroxide on them after applying dish soap and water. Just pour some onto the spot with a cloth placed underneath, then blot it up after it bubbles for about 10 minutes before using any of the other solutions with another fresh cloth or towel. No one can see your mistakes!

-Don’t forget to dry your sofa fabric with a soft towel when you are finished with all cleaning attempts so that an excess of moisture doesn’t build up over time, which causes watermarks and mold spores.

Following these tips should have your fabric sofa looking new again in no time at all! You’ve already spent so much money on that material sofa, now spend just as much keeping it in good shape.

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