5 Remote Work Tools to Work from Home

The 2020 global pandemic has taught us a lesson to prioritise health over anything, to take care of the environment that made businesses rewrite their organization rules. Work from home has become the new normal now. Many businesses have given an option for employees to choose between the office or home to work from. We have listed the top 5 work tools to help you work from home with ease and comfort.   


ProofHub is a SaaS-based project management tool that contains several powerful features to provide you smooth workflow throughout the project. The best advantage is you can use the tool in English, French, Polish, Spanish, and German languages as per the convenience of the team and client. You can also compare the current progress of the project visually and make the best use of the tool. Using this tool, you can plan, collaborate, organise and accomplish projects with better time management and increased productivity.


  1. Don’t get messed up with long email threads for discussions. Create discussion topics and conduct all the team discussions. Tag any employee with @ and convey the message to notify them.
  2. Kanban boards are available to divide the tasks between teammates according to the priority. Each employee will be informed of the progress of each task assigned.
  3. Gantt Charts feature gives a clearer picture of the timeline of the project.  
  4. Timesheets to track billable hours, customisable accessibility to the workflow, document folders to keep you organised and calendar feature to keep you informed about the tasks using automatic reminders etc are some of the notable features of the ProofHub tool.
  5. The tool comes with an API feature that supports integration with Google Docs and Dropbox.


Free Trial version available. The basic plan starts from $50 monthly


Slack is a business communication platform initially launched by an American company Slack technologies in 2013 but now acquired by Salesforce.


  1.  Collaborate with teams and clients using the Slack Connect feature and conduct group discussions, one-on-one conversations and communicate easily with project members.
  2. Create channels in no time and carry out discussions, voice calls and also video calls. Add or remove emoji reactions to comment on the discussion.
  3. You can adjust your contrast settings, zoom level and other display settings to match your glare
  4.  The Slack software is integrated with over 2200 project management tools like Google Drive, Office 365 and others
  5. Save the time used for repetitive tasks by automating them. 


The basic plan starts from $6.67 per month when billed yearly and $8 per month when billed monthly.

3.Google Drive

Another amazing innovation by Google. First launched in 2012, this cloud storage has undergone multiple developments to suit your office needs. With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Google drive allows you to store files, folders, images and videos in the cloud and synchronise them across multiple devices. Microsoft teams app offers the best service for your office requirements. But the frequently paid subscriptions required to get access to its features can be annoying. In such cases, Google Drive serves the purpose of the Microsoft teams app to manage and share your work.


  1. You can edit files or documents in offline mode also. But Google Drive works well with an internet connection.
  2.  The intelligent search help you find your files quicker than ever
  3. The files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  4. Don’t worry if your colleagues use Microsoft office. You can open or edit Word or Excel documents in Google drive. You can convert your google documents into Microsoft versions also.
  5. Share the file using a custom link and decide who can get access to the document.


            You get 15 GB storage with a free Google Drive account. You can buy additional storage according to the requirement.


Do you often forget some important tasks and miss deadlines? Do you get overwhelmed with the poor time management of your work? If so, Todoist gives the perfect solution for you. It helps you to divide a bigger project into minor daily or weekly goals and get aware of the productivity trends over time.


  1. Take control of your day by quickly adding tasks and organizing projects. The feature helps you remember deadlines and build habits over time.
  2. Create assignments or tasks and share them with others to reduce your workload. You get notified when people comment or accomplish tasks.
  3. Design your board with personalised tasks to match your style. It has labels, and filters options to narrow down your search to specific tasks or deadlines.
  4. Connect the Todoist to your email, calendar and files. You can add tasks to specific channel forwarding emails to Todoist.


            The free version is available. Paid subscription starts from $3 per month.


There are around 35 million people in the world who take the help of Trello to organise their works, conduct meetings and evaluate the productivity metrics of the projects. It follows the Kanban system to better manage work handling with minimum wastage. The robot Butler automates the common and repeated tasks, scheduling assignments and build processes in minimum time. Popular users of this project management tool include Google, eBay, Squarespace etc


  1. Start a Trello board in seconds and get aware of the project from different views. A timeline view is used for project planning whereas a table view can connect work across different boards.
  2. The calendar gives you better time management by informing you about the tasks with active reminders.
  3. Trello cards have checklists, reviews, comments, and file attachment previews etc. with these cards, you can manage deadlines, provide feedback and connect work across different apps.
  4. Integrate the Trello software with different work tools such as Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote etc and synchronize the work of your teammates with different work tools also.


            If you are an individual or a small team, the free version of the app is enough to serve your needs. For a bigger team or to manage more businesses, higher plans are required to be subscribed. The business class comes at $10 with more advanced features than the free version.

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