Top 5 Granny Flat Floor Plans And Designs

Also referred to as secondary residencies, granny flats have gained massive popularity in recent years. The concept of granny flats was to provide independence to the older family members while ensuring they get the assistance they need. However, with the changing times, homeowners have come up with several uses of such flats, such as letting out the property to tenants.  

However, the essential part of building granny flats is working on the granny flat floor plans. A floor plan can create a flow between the areas and assist in designing the layout wiring systems, installing plumbing, and more. Click site to know more about granny flat floor plans. 

What Are The Uses Of Granny Flats?

  1. Keeps your family close

The main reason behind the conception of granny flats was to ensure that elderly relatives get the assistance they need. In addition, a granny flat can be an excellent option to keep teenagers or elderly parents close while giving them independence. 

  1. Add value to the property

A well-designed granny flat can add space, comfort, and style to your property. Along with this, it can also increase the value of your home. So, if you’re expecting to sell your residential house in the near future, adding a granny flat will give a boost to your property value. 

  1. Earns extra money by renting the granny flat

If you have a huge backyard, you can build a granny flat to use as a rental property. Many tenants or students want a small and affordable space to live in for a few months, and your flat could be their choice. So, if you keep the prices fair, you will have a lot of people knocking at your door. 

  1. Welcome your guests

You can also use the granny flat to host guests if there isn’t enough space in your primary residence. If you have friends or guests coming and going all the time, you might want to keep the flat free for them. Just make sure you arrange proper air conditioning facilities, and your guests will be amazed by the well-designed space. 

  1. Use it as a home office

Need a quiet place to concentrate on your work? Your granny flat could get the job done for you. Add a comfortable chair, a desk, an internet connection, and decorate your desk space to make it your own. You can also use it as an office to meet your clients. 

The Bottom LineGranny flats are versatile, and you can convert them into a home office, a vacation space for guests, or a private residence for your parents or teenagers. With unlimited floor plans to choose from, the options are endless, and how you want to design the granny flat is up to you. Click on the site to view various Granny Flats that come in a wide range of colors, materials, sizes, and designs.

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