Top 7 recommended Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the best tourism spots in the world. Everyone wants to visit it once in his life. From the buildings that cover the sky to the tasty restaurants and From adventurous water parks to the beautiful malls; this city includes them all. Do you have trouble deciding from where you should start your Dubai tour, well rest assured you are in the right place. Here we will discuss about the top 7 recommended tourist destinations in Dubai.

Top 5 recommended tours in Dubai:

1. Dubai food tours

2. Dubai desert safari tours

3. Jameirah mosque tour

4. Dubai hop on hop off bus tours

5. Dubai speed tours

6. Hatta Kayak tour

7. Khorfakkan tour

1. Dubai Food Tours:

What else can be more interesting than a food tour. So pick up your partner and get ready to taste the delicious foods that will make your day batter.

You can take Frying Pan Adventure Food Tour which will let you experience the taste of breathtaking food items.

2. Dubai Desert Safari Tours:

Desert safari tours lies second in the list of top 5 recommended tour destinations in Dubai. It doesn’t matter what sort of tour you select but definitely you would never wish to miss adventurous Safari Tours. Believe me it is an amazing experience travel in the Royal desert of Dubai.

 3. Jumeirah Mosque Tour:

Jumeirah mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Have a chance to visit this mosque. As you know this mosque is one of the 2 mosques in the city which are open for no Muslims. Wear dress according to the norms, this tour will take you in the mosque where you will learn more about Islam.

4. Dubai Hop on Hop off Bus Tours:

Dubai hop on hop off bus tours will give you the best experience with audio guides. You can find 1, 2 or even 3 days bus tours. You should keep in mind to check the availability first. This tour will take you to some of the most attractive places in Dubai.

5. Dubai Speed Tours:

Dubai Speed Tours are 90 minutes tours which run around see shore of the city. Dubai Speed Tours will show you a whole new Dubai.

6. Hatta Kayak Tour:

Hatta Dubai is a unique tourist Spots in Dubai.  Hatta Kayak is formed by Hatta water Dam and its surrounding top mountains is becoming the most popular among those who seeks relaxation in a adventure place and looks for a new experience of practicing kayak sport in UAE. 

7. Khorfakkan Tour:

Khorfakkan is the most adventure and the oldest city in Sharjah UAE. Rich the full of history. Must visit these places during in khorfakkan tour.

  • Rafisah Dam
  • Khorfakkan Shees Park
  • khorfakkan Cornich / Beach
  • Snoopy Island
  • Water fall of Khorfakkan
  • Historical village.


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