Top Engineering & Management Colleges in Noida- Rank, Admission, Fees, Under UPTU

Top BCA Colleges in Noida

BCA is a bachelor of the computer of application degree. The duration of the BCA course is 3 years with 6 semesters. True for school kids who wish to urge a basic foundation alongside advanced knowledge and skills in computers and computer applications.

Mathematics is a mandatory subject in the 12th Class for BCA. BCA Colleges in Noida teach students about Computer and Software Testing, they’re systematically introduced to Microprocessors, Advanced Computer Networks, etc. Students, apart from learning technical skills are also given hands-on practical experience within the type of practicals and training classes.

BCA Colleges in Noida are also reputed for their infrastructure, honing state-of-the-art lab facilities and experiment chambers. Students are also equipped with the essential skills needed in personality development, through the introduction of extra-curricular activities. BCA Colleges in Noida have campuses that include sports facilities and gyming areas for school kids who wish to develop their all-around personalities.

What students learn:

Students learn different coding languages like Python, Java, C++, C, etc. They also learn Introductory Algebra, Oracle Lab, Business Intelligence, Client Server Computing, Cloud Computing, UNIX Programming, arrangement, etc. Students are also taught Creative English, Communicative English, Basic Mathematics, etc so that they get a strong base in Computer Applications, etc.

Top B.Tech Colleges In Noida

B.Tech course is another great option for school kids who wish to possess a career within the widening field of computers. Students enrolled in B.Tech Colleges in Noida usually get more practical experience than their peers because of the wide exposure provided by these colleges.

The most prominent B.Tech Colleges in Noida provide various kinds of guidance and help to their enrolled students. They provide practical seminars, doubt clearing sessions and much more for his or her students.

Many times, these institutions also provide guidance in terms of career counselling. A well-experienced career counsellor could also be a member of the management staff committee who provides career counselling and other kinds of help in terms of exam preparation, future action plans, etc to their enrolled students.

What students learn:

B.Tech Colleges in Noida offer an enormous amount of choices for their students. Students can consider whatever field they need to major in. Fields like Aeronautical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, engineering, computing Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, etc.

Top BBA Colleges in Noida

BBA course aims to grant expertise or a minimum of the essential knowledge skillset to its students within the sector of business and management. Students learn different components and aspects related to the world of the business. During this course, BBA Colleges in Noida generally teach students about the essential concepts of business and its role within the economy. they’re taught about economical and social trends, and also about the role of sustainability within the approaching ages.

BBA Colleges in Noida features a rigorous curriculum for the students so that they’re going to be prepared in whatever field they choose. Students are taught the key foundational skills also as advanced concepts related to the world of Business and Management.

The importance of practical experience is additionally stressed upon by the course curriculum designers and is obvious within the syllabus they provide the students with. BBA Colleges in Noida could also be an excellent opportunity for school kids to start out building their academic resumes since Noida is the new industrial hub of North India, and where else would students find the proper exposure if not here.

What students learn:

Students learn Business law and Business Economics, Sociology, Consumer behaviour, Project Management, Corporate Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics, Financial Management, Financial Modelling, Accounting Principles, Computer Fundamentals, etc.

List of Top Colleges in Noida:

  • J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management (JIM), Noida
  • Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
  • Amity School Of Engineering And Technology


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