Top reasons to buy home insurance

Home insurance covers you against broken pipes, electrical problems, and theft. Although insurance offers many possibilities, it can also cause you headaches. It is important to understand how to choose insurance.

You have either invested capital or remortgaged to acquire a second home. This allows you to spend summers at the beach with your family, or in the mountains by the fireplace. A second home is a great investment in quality time and is a perfect solution for those off-season days.

 You don’t want to risk your home by not having homeowners insurance. Many insurance companies offer attractive insurance for vacation homes and second homes.

It doesn’t really matter what the second home looks like. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chalet or an apartment.

 Wide enough to meet all requirements of any type of second home. You can find those who offer Basic insurance Understanding that not all houses are occupied means that you don’t need the same coverage. Design companies also exist. Very complete products Specifically for single-family second houses. This is how we see it:

Why is home insurance important?

Housing is today one of the most valuable assets, and one of the largest expenses in a person’s life. Setbacks are commonplace, so it is crucial to have someone who can take care of your situation and all the associated expenses. This person is clearly home insurance. 

Civil liability

The property owner is covered against any damages it may cause to third parties. Imagine that your shower pipes burst during your vacation. The water seeps into your neighbor’s ceiling. In this instance, insurance would pay the compensation and resolve the problem.

Material damage

Murphy is always around so there is the chance of material damage to your home: a broken window or a blocked pipe, or any other damaged item. Home insurance is a great way to save yourself from calling a specialist if you’re not handy.

Theft at Home

This is a common scenario than we would prefer, and it accounts for 7% of all cases that a home insurer must handle. It can happen to anyone, but the policy covers compensation for personal property and home losses. These insurance policies also cover you in the case of a robbery or robbery on the streets. You are covered!


Fires in Spain, like robberies, are more common than you might think. This is usually due to electrical problems. Your home insurance policy will cover any losses resulting from a fire at your home.

Atmospheric phenomena

Home insurance would cover the cost of repairs in the event of an atmospheric phenomenon.


The insurer will support the legal defense service in any case where the homeowner insurance or an inhabitant of the house is involved in a lawsuit. This includes claims for damages and criminal defines.


This is something that many people don’t know, but home insurance covers all family members, including pets. You are covered if your pet causes personal or material damage to others.


This is a useful service that can make many people’s “household chores” easier. Are you unsure how to install a lamp? Your home insurance will send a technician to help you.


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