Ways to Save On Funeral Expenses

Funerals can cost a lot. With all the necessary expenses that needs to be done, sometimes it becomes a burden to the family who lost their loved one. Since it is the last time, they could say goodbye to their departed loved one, most families spend a lot on funerals to make it memorable and special. However, you could still honour the death of a loved one even if you only have a limited budget. Here are some ways that would truly help you save on funeral expenses without compromising the quality of the funeral.

Explore Different Funeral Homes

Different funeral homes offer different price quotes for their funeral services. However, not all of them share all the details on their website that’s why it is still best to personally visit different funeral homes and ask about their price lists.

That way, you’ll get an idea on their deals and pick one that suits your budget and needs. Once you’ve chosen, a funeral director will help you out in the whole process of the funeral to make the burden lighter and give your more time to focus on more important things. Funeral directors are the ones you could trust and lean on during the hard times.

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Choose Cremation than Burial

Burial typically costs more than cremation. There are plenty of things needed for a burial – the casket, headstone, burial vault, and other essentials that add up to the cost of a burial. However, you don’t need all of these in cremation. You could save up about or more than half of the expenses compared to burial, making cremation a better option when you’re looking for ways to save.

Opt for Immediate Burial or Direct Cremation

Another way to save on funeral expenses is to opt for an immediate burial or direct cremation. More expenses are needed when you have a viewing or service for the deceased loved one. However, if you feel that there’s no need to hold a viewing service, you could go straight to burial or cremation to save. A lot of funeral homes offer this option. Do your research and find the funeral home that offers the best deal for you.

Look for a Free Venue

While funeral services are often held in funeral homes, this tends to cost more because you’ll be using their facilities and the help of their staff all throughout the service. One of the best ways to save in a funeral is to choose a free venue instead. You could hold it at your place of worship or even in your home if you prefer. You could also go for a celebration of life instead and held it in a free public place such as the departed loved one’s favourite park.

You don’t need to break the bank to give your loved on the funeral he or she deserves. What matters most is the thought of the event and everyone gathered there to celebrate the life of the departed.

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