What are folding doors?

Some doors are simply functional, creating a typical entrance leading between two rooms. There’s one type of door that does so much more than that, however; wooden bi-folding doors are ideal for bringing the outside in and helping homeowners to maximise on space. So what are bi-folding doors, and how can they open up your interiors while connecting your home to your garden in one swift, sliding motion?

Spring is upon us, and everywhere you look the cherry and magnolia trees are blooming. Whether the new season is making you think about completely renovating your home, or you simply plan on making a few key changes in anticipation for the warmer months, bi-folding doors could have a big impact on how your use your space.  

Constructed from timber and glazing, a bi-folding door’s clever design helps to make the most of your space while letting plenty of light stream into the room. Also known as folding doors or folding and stacking doors, they consist of various opening configurations of door leaves which slide and stack up against the wall to open the entire aperture, supported by fixing up through the head and into a steel above.

Bi-folding doors use a simple yet clever tracking system fitted along the panels, which ensures a smooth motion. The doors will usually have between two and eight panels connected with hinges, which generally have a master or access door and the remaining doors fold out in pairs while gliding along the tracking system at the same time.

Beautifully transforming homes…

A bi-folding door can change the way you use your home and the size and style can easily be adapted to suit the requirements of any property. Larger doors can become a feature in themselves, drawing the eye as soon as you walk into the room. They are ideal for use in buildings that architecturally suit larger entrance ways, like contemporary extensions or pool houses that might engulf smaller door designs such as French doors or casements.

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Open-plan kitchens and living spaces can be transformed with enormous bi-folding doors spanning the whole length of a room if desired. The prominent glazing will let lots of natural light stream in, giving an airy and spacious feel to your interiors. The doors will allow for expansive and uninterrupted views of your garden, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home all year round no matter the weather outside.  

The benefits of bi-folding doors are innumerable during the summer, when you can turn your home and your garden into one impressive living space. Slide open the doors the whole way to catch the breeze and aid with ventilation while watching the sunlight dapple on the grass beyond. Laze in the garden before strolling in through the wide entrance way to get a cooling drink from the fridge, or escape from the sun for a while. Host a cocktail evening, where your guests can mill in and out, chatting in the kitchen or gathering around the BBQ.

There are so many options to consider when looking for the right bi-folding door design, so always keep your particular requirements in mind to help narrow your choices down. Bi-folding doors are very secure, as they have multiple locks spread across the leaves. But if you’re worried about preventing a break in, you can opt for a particularly tough and secure glazing which can provide you with more reassurance. The choice of glazing can make a difference in other ways too; an energy efficient or solar reflective glass will help to keep the room feeling cool if the door is south facing, for example.  Request a quote for bi-folding doors

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