How Many Cats Is Too Many?

Ask any crazy cat person, how many cats is too many? Never too many cats are too much for them. In fact, there is no specific number that refers to “how many” as “too many.” Also, you cannot figure out the magical number with any secret formula. 

It actually depends on personal preference and some other factors. To some cat lovers, “the more, the happier,” and this is not the case with others. It is about the compatibility between the cats and the cat owners. 

Some people are happy with just one or two cats, while others enjoy a more feline company. As we mentioned, a couple of things will help you decide how many cats is a lot. In this article, we’ll be discussing it. Here goes. 

Few Rules for Keeping Cats At Home

There are a few basic rules that decide how many cats you can occupy. If you wonder, how many cats is too many for your pace. You should look into the followings;

Cats per Bedroom

Depending on your space, you can keep a certain amount of cats. That being said, it is better to have one cat per bedroom. One cat is enough for a bedroom house, but you can go up to two as well. Similarly, two cats are ideal for a two-bedroom home and three cats for three-bedroom apartments. 

Cats per Floors

If you have more than a single-story building, you can add more cats. Here you have to follow the per bedroom rule for each floor. But, the ideal number per level is one cat, though you can have more. If you have a clean and livable basement, you may want to add extra cats there.

Cats per Square Footage

There is also a basic rule for per square footage of space. You can have one cat per 500 square feet, so as two cats for 1000 sq—feet space. Likewise, you can add more cats per 500 sq—feet space. 

How Many Cats Is Too Many?

Hitherto, you get to know how many cats are enough for your home. Sometimes there is some legal limitation on the number of cats you can have. It differs from country to country and state to state. In the US, most states allow to keep up to 6 cats. 

However, if you want to determine how many cats, you should answer the following questions. 

  • Do you have adequate money?

Cats can be expensive with their food, beds, toys, medical expenses, litter boxes, etc. Are you ready to afford all these expenses? If so, then you can have too many cats. 

  • Do you have adequate time?

Cats demand for time and attention. It keeps them happy and healthy. Also, their maintenance requires a lot of patience and time. If you are a too-busy person, you should not have more than one cat. 

  • Is there any legal limitation in your state?

As mentioned, some state limits the number of cats you can have. It is to make sure your cat gets enough space and a better environment for growing. So, check the legal limit for your state before owning cats. 

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To Sum Up!

All things considered, it doesn’t matter how many cats is too many for you. You have to share your life, joy, and laughter with them. It is better to have as many cats as you can afford.


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