What are the causes of male infertility and which treatment is best?

Increasing cases of Infertility

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Do you know?

  • Female factor infertility: 35%
  • Male factor infertility: 35%
  • Combination of both: 20%
  • Unexplained causes: 10%

Causes of Male Infertility

The causes of male infertility are due to different reasons. Only after proper evaluation and doing a detailed diagnosis, it is understood what is the reason behind infertility. Some of the major reasons behind male infertility are:

  • Low or no sperm production
  • Problem with sperm development
  • Sperm is not able to transport properly
  • Abnormal sperm function
  • The blockage prevents the sperm from getting to the female reproductive tract.
  • Low semen analysis (It includes sperm count, motility & morphology)
  • Chromosomes numbers are not correct or it is also known by the name of sperm aneuploidy

Is it possible semen analysis is normal, but still there is a problem?

YES! The semen analysis may be normal. Then, ‘What is the issue?’ It is possible that sperm fertilization is not done correctly and thus it affects the development of the embryo. Certain factors play an important part in causing male infertility:

  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Chronic health issue
  • Other factors

In such a case, many cases of infertility can be treated simply by changing your lifestyle. You should talk to the doctor about which option or treatment plan can make a difference.

Treatment for male infertility

For male infertility, the doctor can suggest you get assisted reproduction technology like IVF, ICSI, & IUI. These treatment options are advanced techniques of ART that boost the conception chances of pregnancy to a great extent.

  • During IUI, the sperm is put into the uterus during ovulation to boost the pregnancy chances.
  • During IVF, the sperm and egg are kept together in a controlled environment for fertilization. These are kept in the petri dish, and once the fertilization is done the embryo is formed.
  • In case sperm count is low or the sperm is not normal, then the treatment of ICSI is suggested. So, for the most severe male infertility cases, the option of IVF/ICSI is suggested. In ICSI, one healthy sperm is taken and then injected into the egg. The rest of the procedure is the same as IVF. Stats have shown that around 90% of the infertile men can see successful results or you can say the couple can get pregnant.

Make the best possible use of advanced technology

So, if you are facing problems conceiving or want to understand the exact reason for infertility then get in touch with the best fertility doctor. Make sure that you choose the board-certified and experienced fertility doctor to get yourself the customized treatment plan.

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