What Are the Different Factors That Affect the Dining Table Design?

When buying a dining table, there are just so many things you should consider. Dining tables are an important part of our home’s decor. They do not just accommodate enough people, they also offer you a space to work on, especially if you do not have a separate study. They add to the decor of a space as well- depending on the kind of design the table has. 

Here are some factors that help categorize the kind of dining table set design you might need. 

The seating arrangement:

The number of people that can sit and eat comfortably is one of the most important factors. There are 4 major and distinctive types- 2, 4, 6 and 8 seater.

  • 2 seaters modern dining table design is ideal for people who live alone or with just one other person. They do not take up a lot of space and can easily be used as study table, coffee table etc.
  • 4 seater dining tables are practical for a small family. They do not occupy a lot of space and are a great addition for those who have one kid only. Such dining tables, however, can not accommodate many guests. 
  • The 6 and 8 seater dining table set designs are standard for medium to large households. They allow a lot of people to sit comfortably. Some dining table designs include benches as well- which can be a fun addition to the household as most children enjoy such sitting arrangements. 
  • The material used:

The material used has an impact on the look, style, durability and design of a dining table. 3 basic materials are commonly found in residential areas- wooden, metal and glass. 

  • Wooden dining table designs are famous for their strength and durability. A high-quality table can last lifetimes, especially if they are looked after properly. They can be modified and recycled later on when you feel like changing the design of the table. They can be maintained easily, just a microfiber cloth is enough daily; and for deep cleaning, all you require is a wood friendly cleanser. 
  • Metal dining table designs are also known for their durability and life. They are extremely light, unlike wooden and glass tables. Modern dining table designs, especially for commercial places are made of metal as they look more rugged and effortless. They can take a lot of weight before getting damaged. They are resistant to most environmental stressors as well. 
  • Glass dining tables sets are great as they add a lot of aesthetic value to the space. They let the people see the intricate carvings on the legs and have a lot of other benefits as well. It is worth noting that glass tables only have glass tops- the legs are made of either metal or wood. 
  • The shape:

The shape of the table is another important factor. It determines the number of people that can sit neatly at the table. 3 designs are universally available- rectangle, round, square.  

  • Most dining table sets are rectangular. They are built like that for ease of use, especially in larger households. They make a comfortable seat for more than 4 people. This works well as most dining spaces are also rectangular. 
  • Square dining tables are ideal for smaller spaces and can seat 4 people easily. It is possible to expand the size of the table and increase the number of seats- like you can adjust 2 on one side, but that can get uncomfortable and may not work well with the other elements of the space.
  • Round tables are great for smaller rooms, they allow everyone to see all the others, making it easier to have a great conversation. The lack of space, however, may make it difficult to add a large enough round table for everyone in the house. 
  • The features:

The features add to the overall look and make the dining table more practical as well. There are about 3 common features you can look out for- with storage, extendable and foldable. 

  • The dining table can be designed to have accessible storage; this would allow you to store basic cutlery in the table itself.
  • Extendable wooden dining table design allows you to pull the table out when there is not enough space to accommodate everyone. They can be used in small spaces and are amazingly helpful for those who entertain guests often.
  • If you have a compact space, live in a studio apartment or live alone- a foldable dining table is it for you. Put it up when you need it, and pull it down when not in use. 

All of these things combined make a big difference in the dining table set designs. Some kitchen table designs have 4 chairs, others 6, and some other ones have 8. Some tables are round, some, rectangle- each with its pros and cons. Some tables have additional storage, and some can be extended to accommodate more people. The material used also affect the structure of the dining table chair design. You can buy all kinds of dining table designs online as well. 

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