Which are the five Indian desserts for which people crave the most?

Desserts are considered as the mood-enhancer. When you will slow down, then give joy to yourself by having a scoop of your favourite dessert. In this article, we are going to present among you the most enjoyed Indian desserts which are customary to be served in all the Indian restaurants in Cranbourne. 

Everyone loves having desserts and sweets, if you are an Indian then your taste buds are extremely active in the context of desserts. If we talk about the main ingredient of most desserts, which are sugar and milk, we can say that every dessert contains these ingredients for sure. If you are a dessert lover, you surely have tried the below mentioned Indian sweets.


Rasgullas are the most famous sweet dish of Bengal. Or the ones with a sweet tooth will say that Bengal is known for its famous Rasgullas. The crazy fact about Rasgullas is that this dish is originally from Persia but is most famous in our one and only India. Every Indian must have tried this dessert once in their lifetime for sure. These are sweet, spongy, full of sweetness and are dipped in sugar syrup, one scoop of which will blow your mind with sweetness.


Laddoos are the most common sweets easily found in most Indian houses, we Indians are crazy for these ladoos. Be it motichurkeladdu, besankeladoo or boondikeladoo, every kind of these can make your mouth flood. If we talk about the history of these ladoos, these were mostly fed to the pregnant ladies as these are healthy in the pregnancy period even till this date these are being fed to the growing girls and pregnant ladies.  


Everyone has heard about the sweetest dessert GulabJamun. This golden-brown coloured dessert is among the most popular and delicious desserts in India. After ladoos, these are the most common sweet dishes present on every occasion and festival in India. These brown delicious balls are dipped in sugar syrup. People literally crave these delicious things. 


The word Jalebi is derived from a Sanskrit word “jalvallika” the meaning of which is “full of water” but in reality, these are full of sugar syrup. These Jalebis are prepared by frying them in Ghee (clarified butter). The most interesting thing about these jalebis is that they are never prepared in a particular decided shape; they are always prepared by putting the batter freely in a cauldron. 


As we can guess from the name of this dish, this dish is prepared from Gajar (carrot). This is a dish of winter to get you warmed up by its deliciousness. The most mouth-watering thing about this halwa is khoya which is crushed and then sprinkled all over the halwa, we can put as much khoya as we want to, keeping in mind our taste buds as all these are only for our buds. 

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