Why do you need a barcode for your business?

If you are someone that runs a business where you have an inventory of any kind, then you probably need a way to keep your inventory in check. It is also probably needed for you to have a way to know what you are selling and when it goes out the door. Here is some advice about barcodes and the labels you can use.

There are a few different uses for barcode labels that a business owner will enjoy. Think about how hard it would be to get out a pen and paper to write down each and every piece of merchandise you have along with when it is sold and when you will be running out. When you can apply barcodes to your products, it is a lot simpler for you to run everything as it will be automated with barcode scanners and the software you have in place that works with the barcodes you have. You can buy barcode for you business form Product barcode.

Types of barcodes:

There are two types of barcodes, one is 1D and another is 2D barcodes.

  1. 1D barcodes: 1D barcode look like a series of straight line of black and white bars that contain data like product type, product size and its color.
  2. 2D barcodes: 2D barcode are complex than 1D .These barcode contain more information and data, so this barcode use where we need more information.

Benefits of using barcodes:

  1. Reduce the risk of error:  This is one of main reason to adopt the barcode for business, through this you can reduce the transcription errors and other problem that cause when working manually. Study says even the most professional typist will make more than one error in every 300 keystrokes.

If you running a business and some mistakes happened in your inventory by your employee if this mistake is not caught or removed from your record then it can make a loss in your business.

If you use barcodes in your business, then your employee needs to do is simply scan the barcode instead of manually write or type.

  • Time-saving: If you run a business then barcode help to increase work speed and save time. The entering manually is time consuming process with barcode you can reduce the time to 3 to 5 times.
  • Reduce training time: As I discuss earlier the barcode are faster than writing and typing, the reason is people get easier familiar with barcode and process of inventory through barcode is very simple, they  just need to scan barcode with the barcode scanner and inventory is put into the business database. Nowadays barcode are hugely used in supermarket because it is easy to use with zero error.
  • Easy to track inventory: The biggest use of barcode after sales transaction is inventory management. The tracking of inventory is easy when we use barcode you just need to scan the barcode and all information regarding product will store in your database.
  • Easy Accounting: With barcode you can fulfil the need of accounting for your business, as it help to update data from manufacturing units till distributing unit in equipment update, prizing tag in easy way.

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