Can’t Log in to Router Using Netgear Genie App? Let’s Fix It!

Netgear Genie is a wonderful platform that allows you to access your WiFi device’s settings via remote control. Whether you have installed a router or performed Netgear WiFi extender setup, you can use the Netgear Genie app to manage your WiFi device to make your internet experience wonderful. It also helps you in becoming aware of the devices connected to your Netgear WiFi device’s network. But it can be troublesome if you are unable to log in to your router via the Netgear Genie app. But, don’t worry!. In this article, you will get acquainted with various tips and tricks to fix the issue. So, read on.

Fixed: Can’t Log in to Router Using Netgear Genie App

  1. Reinstall the Netgear Genie App

The first thing you can do to fix the ‘can’t log in to router using the Netgear Genie app’ issue is to reinstall the Netgear Genie app.

To uninstall the Netgear Genie app, tap on its icon for a few seconds to reveal a list of options. Thereafter, select the Uninstall option. Once done, perform Netgear Genie download using Google Play Store or App Store. Now, use the app and try to log in to your router again. If you are still unable to do so, give a try to the next troubleshooting hack.

  1. Check the Cable Connections

A loose cable connection between your Netgear router and the modem can also prevent you from logging in to your router via the Genie app.

In order to fix the issue, check the Ethernet connection. If you find any cuts on the Ethernet cable, replace it with a new one immediately. Also, make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to your WiFi devices.

  1. Try to Log in via a Web Browser

If everything is fine with the cable connection, then try to log in to your Netgear router via a web browser. For this, launch a web browser on your PC and head over to its address bar.

Note: Make sure that the web browser is not outdated and accumulated with cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Thereafter, type the default web address of your Netgear router into the address bar and press Enter. Now, enter the default admin details of your WiFi device and click Log In. If you are unable to log in to your router, then chances are that it has fallen victim to technical glitches.

  1. Reboot Your Netgear Router

You can get rid of technical glitches by rebooting your Netgear router. Rebooting has the potential to fix many router-related issues. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to reboot your Netgear WiFi router:

  • Firstly, disconnect all the WiFi-enabled devices connected to your router’s network.
  • Thereafter, switch off your router and let it rest for some time.
  • Switch on your Netgear router.

Now, try to log in to your router using the Netgear Genie app and see if you get success in doing so. If not, then you can rely on the ultimate hack of resetting the router.

  1. Reset and Reconfigure

Restoring the router to its factory default settings is the last resort left to get rid of the ‘can’t log in to router using Netgear Genie app’ issue. Keep in mind that performing factory default reset will remove all the personalized settings from your Netgear router.

Here are the instructions you need to follow to restore your Netgear router to factory default settings:

  • Ensure that the router is receiving an adequate power supply.
  • Now, look for the Reset button on your WiFi device and press it using a sharp object.
  • Your Netgear router will get restored to factory default settings.

Now, reconfigure your router by accessing the Netgear router login page. This time you will definitely be able to log in to your router using the Netgear Genie app.

Summing Up

This was all about how to fix the ‘can’t log in to the router using Netgear Genie’. We hope that the aforementioned tips will help you in fixing the issue and you’ll be able to manage your router’s settings again.

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